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Talked To Owner In A Red 4X4


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Sep 23, 2002
Emporia, Indiana
We went out for dinner in Pendleton Indiana at a new resturant called "The Bank" It is in a old downtown building but I don't remember it ever being a bank.....I just had a Ruben sandwhich and fries and it was great! Anyway, after we left we drove throught the city park because it is a beautiful park with a pond and a creek. Parked next to the pond was a new '03 Red 4X4 Avalanche. The guy was setting there looking at the pond and I went over and introduced myself and gave him a club brochure. He seemed very interested and said he had only had his AV for a couple of weeks and had been searching about them on the internet. His name is Mark so if you are reading this now Mark HELLO and WELCOME to the club! ;D
Ha Ha, no it was not that expensive, but then I just had a sandwich & fries.