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The Av Is A AUV


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SM 2003
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Jan 18, 2002
New Jersey - Exit 5
The Av is a Awesome Utility Vehicle! This past Friday, I had to deliver a huge load of construction plans to a client. The delivery was 90 rolls of plans, about 3" in diameter, each weighing about 7 pounds each.

Of course, in the process of loading and unloading, there were plenty of people gawking and asking questions when I converted for the extra room.

The Av swallowed up all the plans and begged for more. And it was threatening to rain, so the Av had enough cargo room, even with the bed cover panels in place! This is by far the most useful versatile vehicle I've ever owned.

PS - over the weekend, I got my oil changed for the first time. When it was finished, I thanked the mechanic for his prompt service. He responded by thanking me for allowing him to work on this special truck. While in the waiting room, I saw all the mechanics checking out the Av. They must not have got much else done that day!