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the Coolest lock pick


SM 2007
Full Member
Jan 1, 2007
Poway CA
I was over friend of my shop today.
they showed me new lock pick for 07 GM SUV/trucks that they designed.
very impressive
As you all know non RSE model Nav Radios does not have option for audio/video in. this module wil generate ability for AUX  A/V input. Plus Back Up camera option. And You don't have to take your vehicle to the dealership. this module will do all that for You.
also this piece will let you use Nav/XM/etc. while in motion
and of course this module will work with RSE type Navs.
I just installed on last night and works like a charm! I got mine off amazon and it came with everything I needed to install.
I have the GMX550, it is incredible! direct charging and input with remote and on screen control for all I-products (phone/pod/pad) and inputs for 4 (front, rear, 2 side) cameras as well as aux in and outs!
I love the NAV in motion and DVD in motion features.
Awesome piece!!!