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The Official Avalanche Handwave

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Jan 17, 2002
Bourbon St. Balcony
OK I have seen a bunch of avys while driving .... kinda hard to leave a borchure on the interstate doing 85.....so we need some sort of hand wave to identify those drivers who know about the site.

Anyone have any ideas???????
ygmn said:
Anyone have any ideas???????
Back of hand exposed, lone middle finger raised into... um, er... wait a minute... that's the wave I give to other drivers. Better just make it the standard exposed palm "Hi, how are 'ya?" wave. :D
I was just about to mention the "wave"

In the New Beetle community, we used to wave at each other all the time. That was before any idiot with money could just walk onto a dealership and buy one. Those driving '98 and '99 NB's had to wait months and months to get them, so only the true diehards bought them. Now, no one waves.....

Well, now I have an AV, and whenever I see another AV, I wave (mostly habit). Much to my surprise, 90% of the time, the other AV owner waves back. This is truely cool! ;D
yep, just today my dad and i were cruzin in the avy and say another avy and he waved at us and we waved back. cool to see other people enjoying their avy's :). Alex
The ole Thumbs up sign has been working well.

Everyone so far has responded in kind. The Av is still rare in San Jose so when you see one, you always want to look back.

So Thumbs up to you all.

I think that I've exchanged a wave with about 90% of the Av's that I've passed. It's hard to know what to hope for - I sure want the Av to succeed, but for now, it's nice to be part of a somewhat exclusive community.
The few times I have passed or been passed by another Av, there is always that grin and wave thing. We are definitely in an exclusive ownership circle here!

The only time I didn't get the "wave and nod" was when I passed a woman driving a black Z71, probably her guy's truck (no offense intended ladies) and she didn't know the protocol. Us guys are different when in our trucks I think. Must be the high emissions we are emminating!

We Harley riders have had a wave for years!!! And it has NEVER gone away!!! Many variants:

Left hand off clutch pointing straight out
Left hand off clutch palm into the wind (not for high speed)
Left hand on clutch 4 figures raised

bradyb said:
I'll keep my eyes open for Spork Man's orange AV.

well, since you are in Utah, and I am in Ohio, not too likely we will see each other anytime soon. Planning a trip out to Utah next year. Got to go see my family.
For some reason here in NJ..people tend to be more horn happy than wavers....Usually the double beep has become the standard around here.....unless you have someone who is really eager to communicate and leans on the horn...next thing you know your like WTF is this guy honking his horn like that......

Then you notice he is a fellow Av owner..then all of a sudden it makes it ok.. ;D
NYAV Iam starting to understand what people say about NJ. Nothing personal, but do people in NJ always do things differently.
I think so...but not on purpose...I think they all try to do their own thing thinking their method works best... ;D
Here in NJ I've never seen another Av owner wave yet! Then again - I don't see too many other Avs to begin with.

I think Av owners should have a standard salute. I vote for the salute that Benny Hill used to do when he wore his beret. You would be required to make the funny face also, with the tongue hanging out. Okay - who's going first? :p
midlifecrisis said:
Here in NJ I've never seen another Av owner wave yet! ?Then again - I don't see too many other Avs to begin with.

I think Av owners should have a standard salute. ?I vote for the salute that Benny Hill used to do when he wore his beret. ?You would be required to make the funny face also, with the tongue hanging out. ?Okay - who's going first? ?:p

Yes!!!! How funny would that be. You have my vote
Ahh . . memories of horn honking in New Jersey years ago . . .

Visited family in Tenafly shortly after I had my driver's license . . wondered what I was doing wrong - everyone seemed to be honking at me.

But . . two weeks later, I was honking with the best of them - almost got me in trouble with the rednecks when I went back to 'civilization' in North Carolina!
wrchism said:
'civilization' in North Carolina!

I didn't know North Carolina was civilized. Just kidding of course. I have a place in Myrlte Beach S.C. I would love to spend some time in the Outer Banks. Next time I am travelling down I want to stop for a day or so.
we're very civilized here, we honk our horns AND wave with our hand, although only 1 finger is protruding.
I go from Charlotte to Cherry Grove a number of times a year. We could have a meet at the beach, but you know how bad the traffic is down there.
Maybe this will get us back on topic here. :-*

How about the old "Peace sign" wave. You know, first 2 fingers extended in a V shape, get it, "a V" shape, AV?

Anyone that knows will understand, anyone that doesn't won't think it's too strange, and it can easily be explained.

What more could you ask for?

Next time you see an AV on the road show a V.

What do you want, it's Friday? :rolleyes:

When I used to drive a VW Beetle (old school Beetle, before the new ones) every owner used to give the "Hang Loose" sign. Thumb & pinky out only. Kinda a surfing thing, but it seemed to be well known by old Beetle owners.
i wave to anyone i ever see driving another av here in jersey. but a couple of times i havn't gotten waves back! AND.. it's been the same av's that've i've already seen and waved to! so wtf? do they just not notice or are people a bit ruder around trenton? :cautious:
I always make a point to wave at fellow Av's, sometimes they don't wave back, but most of the time they do.

I don't think there should be any specific wave, because the other driver may not understand what you're doing and think you're a weirdo.
Combined thread for all information about the Avalanche wave


what about my "V"?  I thought it was clever.