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The Perfect Mobile Office Organizer


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Apr 30, 2002
Red Deer, Alberta. Canada
I thought this was cool, ?This is from one of my customers, I found this because I am doing some printed tape for them. The picture looks like a Chevy interior so we can get a good idea how it would look in our trucks.


if there is enought intrest maybe I can get a group deal,
I think you meant this link:

I wonder about the actual utility of these devices. It seems that you might be overly tempted to use while driving. I have had a case where a client was sued about a car it made, being blamed for a crash, and quickly we found witnesses that said the driver was using his laptop while driving.

The other risk these present is they are difficult to install in a useful position that does not encroach upon the zone of airbag deployment. You don't want anything (except a whole lotta space) between you and an airbag when it goes off. Check out page 1-26 of our Avs' owner's manual.

A distributor of these products has a warning page.

FYI. Caveat Emptor. SYL.

you can probably get this from galls or any that sells law enforcement ype products......that appearsto be the same thing that that goes in the patrol cars at the pd i work at