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The Ski Chevy "Scam"


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
No - this isn't what you think.

So part of the package that sweetened the pot on buying my Avalanche was the Ski Chevy program. For purchasing my Av Chevrolet and Harbor View resorts so generously game me season passes to three ski areas for two people - $2,400 value, and I've been using them.

Ahhhh, but this isn't all you end up spending - hence why I call it a "scam" ;)

First, there are three people in my house of the age to ski - ahhh, I'm short a season pass. Cha-ching.

Now I had skied when I was younger, for almost ten years but a detour to Houston for nine years kept me off the slopes. Sure the season passes was a great attraction and errrr spousal execuse to return but with what? Dusty 13 year old equipment I haven't used - nah.

So yup, we've been to the pro-shop and we did our research and bought ski equipment.

For three people.

If you haven't priced out quality ski equipment let's just say that I could have bought steering wheel audio controls, a new dash cluster, a blue carbon fiber dash kit, FIRK kit, HID lights for the low beams, new speakers all around, extra amp and sub woofer with money left over. Cha-ching.

Nope - not done yet.

You see the older of the two off spring needed lessons, so did the wife, and well seeing how I hadn't skied in a decade I thought it would be a good thing for me too.

My wife and I actually got off pretty easy - a program called Easy Ski 1-2-3 is run at most ski areas across the country. $99 gets you 3 two-hour lessons, 3 lift tickets, and 3 rentals. Yup - if you've thought about skiing it is the best way to go (call your local mountain). But the youngest, oh no it's college tuition time. Cha-ching.

Then of course there are the various side items. Outdoor clothing, poly-pro underwear, bags to carry all the new found ski equipment, meals at the ever so reasonably priced lodge and now that we own our own gear, the periodic waxing.

Honestly I can't believe the country is in recession. Between the Avalanche and the equipment I've spent enough to cover the GDP of a small South American country! ;) ;) ;)

I wouldn't trade it for the world (so don't think it's a Female Dog session). I had an awesome time today until things got too crowded in the late afternoon. Conditions were so good this morning and I was sharp as a knife and fearless. Not to mention as a good friend reminds me, a family that plays together, stays together.

Still - it's quite the blackhole Chevy has setup - I wonder if Salomon pays them a kick back!

(for those not familar with ski equipment - Salomon makes skis, boots, and bindings)


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Jan 24, 2002
Houston, TX

"There ain't no such thing as a free lunch"
Robert A Heinlein - "The moon is a harsh mistress"

BTW, you need a contigency fund for the possible broken or strained limb. :cool: