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Thinking About Switcing From 2500 Av To 1500 Av?


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Sep 15, 2002
Ive had a 2500 series Av for just over a year now. Ive had problems with the thing and now GM is going to take it back under the lemon law. Ive got my eye on the uncladded 1500 series that is now available. My question is, will I be dissapointed going from a 2500 to a 1500? Both have 4.10 gears.
The "naked" av looks great out of the box with the 17" wheels. My concern is more with the motor,
Thanks in advance.

The thing I noticed with my 1500 and the 5.3 motor is that it's extremely quiet and soft running. It was so quiet in fact that you couldn't measure how hard the engine was working unless you kept your eyeballs on the tach the entire time.
After adding a CORSA exhaust, new plug wires and an K+N aire filter, it feels much stronger. The motor feels like it should. Make sense? It's still a great motor. Stock, it's whisper quiet inside so don't let that lull you into thinking it's a weak motor.

Hope that helped.