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Third Brake Light Doesn't Work



I took my Avalanche to the dealer the first week february to get a state inspection done and they failed it :mad: , because the third brake light didn't work. They checked it out and said they would have to order a new light assembly. Four weeks later and I'm still waiting for it to come in. They say it's on national backorder and it's coming from the assembly line in mexico. The part # is 15062434, list price is $120.

Has anyone noticed in the Avalanche accessories catalog, the the picture of the AV for the top box storage bag? Check out the brake light on that one :eek:, also the cladding is painted to match. Was this a pre-production photo? That would have been an expensive light to replace :rolleyes:

The picture in the accessory catalog is an Escalade EXT. That is why it has the bigger brake light and painted cladding.