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Third Brake Light Fading


Full Member
Jun 24, 2002
Deer Park, Tx
While washing my AV the other day I noticed that the color of the third brake light was fading. It is starting to get that chalky look. The AV is only about 8 months old and I have never put any type of chemical/protectant on it. Has anybody else experienced this and would this be a warranty issue?
Whoa! I'm going to have to take a look at the third brake light later. But I think I would have noticed it by now. I will be inspecting it when I get out of school.
my '02 has the same - kinda looks like a layer is flaking off... Its been in service in the hot Texas sun since 7/01. I was just going to cover it with a brake light AV decal :0:

need some sort of UV protectant... I know that one of the Zaino products should remove the oxydation - it was demostrated on my brake light (just don't remember which compound it was).

good luck (y)
Yeah, it is an odd slotchy pattern... not the typical solid discoloration that I would normally expect.
May be chemical reaction to something or water leaks out under cladding in AM and leaves water marks....

Try cleaning with PLEXUS or Meguiars plastic cleaner/polish....

Then I would protect with a polymer wax like Zaino, klasse, blackfire etc etc etc
I started waxing all my light lenses a couple years ago when I noticed so many dull looking headlights. Especially because we have an Explorer, and they're some of the worst I've seen. Seems to help.
The UV protectant idea suggested earlier in this thread may help. We've had our Av for 13 months, and no splotchy fading on the 3rd brake light so far. Our Av is parked in the garage at night and in the shade during the day (90% of the time).