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This Thing Is A BEAST !!!!


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Apr 28, 2003
;D Holy S this truck is Big -the Biggest truck I had b4 this was a ZR2 S-10--I Feel like a need a CDL just to drive it--I do Enjoy The Looks and the fear in the People when they see this Beast Coming up on them in the rear View !!!---- (y)
That feeling never goes away. We are nearing the one year mark and still love it.

Which model did you get?
Even after a year, my only complaint is finding a parking space. At work we have an underground garage and many of the spaces have a low overhang that prevents me from using them. I prefer a certain end space that has a pillar on one side and provides some extra room. It really pi$$es me off some mornings to find some POS Honda has gotten in before me! Sometimes I need to take two spaces not by choice but by necessity as many seem to be designed to squeeze in a mini-Cooper rather than a real vehicle. :mad:

glad to see you got your Av! I'm coming from an S-10 2WD and I know what you mean!

I came from a GM X-cab and LOVE how much SHORTER the wheelbase is. I can go around corners again without scuffing the inside back tire. It also fits under my carport better as it's a few inches shorter overall too. :-* ;D
We went with the Z71 too. I absolutely love it. Just wait until you get it off road! Man that 4-lo has torque!