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Timcosco - How About An Update On Your Av?


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
Hey Tim - what's the word on your oil burning Av? :cry:

We need to get that thing fixed my friend? Are you getting any traction with the dealer? Regional rep? Detroit? Curious man as others are getting there stuff solved - let us know! :rolleyes:
Hey Chiefster... timely post as my Av goes in tomorrow for a PCV valve replacement and valve cover baffle seal fix.

I give my dealer (http://www.alserrachevrolet.com) credit for jumping all over this after they received my letter. ?They immediately dismissed the oil consumption test, ordered parts and made arrangements to get my Av in for repair ASAP.

Speaking of... Al Serra Chevrolet was the first dealership to set up a link from their page to CAFCNA. ?However, the link is no longer there (but the Corvette link is). ?I don't know if it's because they forgot about us when they did their homepage makeover or because CAFCNA didn't link back to them. ?Want me to find out?
Yes please - they never contacted me with any information.

Great to here tim., good to see the Dealerships taking care of there customers..., Especially there Avalanche Customers, Mine has made Me Very Happy., in getting My Differential problem fixed so fast., and I taked to them about My Whipple Charger.., and they said to Me., after You install it., bring Your truck in., and the Service Manager said He would have one of His Master Certified Techs sign off on the installation.., this way., He told Me I will retain My 3 Year 36,000 mile warrenty., as this is the Supercharger used on the (Thunder) Av.., and We had talked Racing, and Performance for a bit.., and He said.., You know Your stuff., so Im sure You'll do the install Right., so I have no problem with doing this for You., and the Owner for the Delership loved Your truck, and what You had done to it so far.., said it is good advertising for our Avalanche sales., so if He wants to do the Whipple Charger.., thats no problem.. Wow., am I Ever Pleased with this Dealer., I had never dealt with them before..., But.., they have a lifetime Customer now in Me..... :)
It's in GM's best interest to have the Avy lookin and feelin it's best. I heard that they plan on making a ton of them next year. THey are expecting better then expected profits from the Avy. EVERYBODY WANTS ONE. HEHE AND WE ALL GOT EM!

By the way I get my Beach Permit tomorrow. Now it's going to get good!