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Tint pics, finally


SM 2006
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Oct 25, 2006
Surprise, Arizona
Finally got the tint on also the new head light covers.

double limo on the back
limo on the sides and
35% on the windshield.

It's sweet!

Mr.  $cary



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:eek: Looks great, Gary. What is the over/under on how many days till you get a ticket for the tint?

I love the blacked out look.  Welcome to the darkside.
LMAO!    :laugh:

The over/under,?  Yer killin' me!  There isn't one.  No way I'm gettin pulled over, i'm stealth!  They don't even see me!


Yes those are the ones I ordered from Larry.  Love 'em!

Thanx Grnsnam, I love the dark side!  (breathin' heavy like Darth!

Mr. $cary

grnxnam said:

I love the blacked out look.? Welcome to the darkside.
I love it. I got 2% on the back doors & window and 5% (soon 2 be 2% also) on the front doors, with 35% on the shield. I can NOT do without it. I love it day and night & for the aggressive complete look it gives it.

oh yea... welcome2the darkside...sounds like a new nation we gonna have to do grnx..
ok all i have to say is that the tint laws in mass sux!!! i have 20% over stock which read on the meter as 2% in the back windows and 9% on the front windows. i also have a tint strip ont he top of my windshield but was told i will most likely get pulled over and arrested on the spot if i do my entire windshield!!  :E:  it looks so badass with the entire windshiled tinted out, u guys are all making me jealous!!!!! long story short, i love my tint and wish i could get darker like u warmer climate residents but already drive around feeling like cops stare at me!!!

mr scary u definately ridin duurrrttyyyyy...

cant see me!

As for the light thru the headlight covers; what light????
Actually it's not bad but if I don't have the driving lights on it's hard to see.  I'm changin' those out to the 9005's.  You have to keep in mind when you're driving that even though it looks dark from the drivers point of view there is still plenty of light you're givin' off forwards.  It's hard to get used to but I'm careful and it's worth it!

Thanx Keith, I like the sound of that, 'ridin' duurrttyyyyy.......


Sounds like a good start to a nation-  Darkside Nation!  May the light not be with you!

Mr. $cary

Nice, I wish we could get away with it that dark here....
its not a mater of "getting away with it."  It comes down to how much do you want bothered by the cops for doing something illegal?  :cool:
Thanx Dan!
You're right, grnxnam, I'm pretty calm on the road and when it's 115* outside I don't think they'll pull me over for the tint alone(knockin' on wood as I type) :cool:
At night I think I have enough light comin' from the front that I'll be OK as long as I don't pull up right next to him.

Mr. $cary
Love the tint. I only have 50% on my windshield but I am thinking about going to 35%. I couldnt live without my tint.
Very Nice!! I still can't wait to see it in person.  :cool:

Gary - it looksd  cool - but you just worked your way to the back of the convoy!
I think the DPS is going to have a problem with that one!

Good luck brother!


PS - got the tweets figured out already.
Mr_Scary said:
Finally got the tint on also the new head light covers.

double limo on the back
limo on the sides and
35% on the windshield.

It's sweet!

Mr.? $cary

Very cool - keep a flashlight with you just in case  >:D
I don't need to be at the back, just sandwich me in between Ed, Todd, and or Nigel.  They won't even notice I'm there :laugh:

That is pretty dark, Darth...errrr....Mr_Scary....would love to have mine that dark. Looks awesome!  :B:
Gotta get the tint done  :E: was not allowed over here at all

Look great  :cool:

Looks great Mr_Scary. Nothing like dark tint on a white Avalanche. Headlight covers are awesome too. I leave mine on at night if I'm doing a short ride. Gotta run the fogs to see, that's for sure.  :wave: