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Tire mounted in wrong direction


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Feb 25, 2004
Phoenix, Arizona
I had new rims and tires mounted last week and noticed yesterday that 2 of them are rotating the wrong way. Pro Comp Extreme AT's. I'll get it switched but is there any internal damage to the tire now? Picture is of one of them and I've driven about 1000 miles since mounted.


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I did not know the Procomp A/T was Directional.

I do know that some off roaders in competitions run the front and rear Tire (Directional tire) mounted in opposing directions.
They do this to give them Better traction when there is a need to back up.
I've have heard of that just didn't remember, mounting them backwards like that. I was just concerned that it would have done damage. Guess it makes sence regarding traction. I would have raised a stink if there was cause for concern.
I had that happen to me on my vette. It was just one tire. The right rear tire would lose traction if I decided to push hard. Couldn't figure it out for a couple months. I thought I was hitting some slick spots on the road. End up finding what was wrong by accident. Had just ran through a puddle entering the driveway. Got out and notice the thread pattern didn't match right or left. That's went I realize that one of them was turning the wrong way. Dealer corrected at no charge for mistake.