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tire opinion


Full Member
Mar 16, 2005
i am looking at buying these BF Goodrich tires.  the stock tires are 265 70 17 and i am looking to put 285 70 17 on my truck.  the tire shop says that they will not rub and that i will not lose that much fuel economy.  i wanted to go a little bigger just for looks but i dont want that huge off road nobby tire look. 
    does anybody think that i am going too big for what i want or do any of you foresee any problems going with this size tire. 
I want the same thing  285/70/17 BFG's M/T  I think it will look just fine!
possible  a little rubbing in the front  but the tire for sure will not look to big for the av in my opinion it is the perfect size. ALSO the BF  AT  is a good look(not too nobby) and a very long lasting tire I currently have approx 30,000 on them and believe they could go 10 to 15000 more no problem.