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Today Sat. May 18th In So. Cal.


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Jan 26, 2002
Los Angeles, California
Any Local Los Angeles/Orange County members interested in some fun today ?

My buddies Off Road store (Four Wheel Parts Wholesalers/Performance Centers) http://www.4wheelparts.com/default.asp is having an all day event at it's Redondo Beach store. (405 fwy off at Inglewood)

I am going to be there around noon. I thought it would be fun to have some local AVY's meet there. Supposedly there is food and drink and many deals on Lift Kits,Tires, Wheels, Lights etc......

If you are interested in stopping by, call me (310) 930-1600

Hope some of you locals can make it.

>:DCome on XROVER you know i cannot make it there from lafayette louisianna by noon ;D
sounds like fun though
firestone place in town has a sale going on today with bigfoot in the parking lot and guess what a av that a radio station just bought all dressed up with logos for station, going to post it so everyone can see
Hope you all have fun, wish i could jet my av over there
fixing to go outside and install the tbs since we have a cold front that come through overnight and is about 72 degrees outside, better to do it at 72 instead of 92 degrees
Thanks for the invite, been to there many times, its a nice place. But I have been cleaning all day in preparing for the California Truck Jamboree tommorrow. Its an awesome show for truck lovers. Its in Irvine if anyone is interested


My display will make some Ford owners upset. :8:
Thanks for the invite, wish I knew earlier I would have loved to stop by, I'm just up in Ventura.

Made other plans unfortunately, give me a few days notice next time and I'll plan on coming down, just don't tell my wife! :rolleyes: