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Top Cargo Box Hinge


SM 2003
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Jan 7, 2003
Campbell, CA
Anyone know how to replace this??? The lid got caught in one of those car washes and it got pryed up and the front hinge got bent. Now my lid won't close right...I want to take the hinge off and bend it back...or even replace it. I took off the 5 torque screws...but then there are 2 bolt type screws that I can't take out. HELP!!!

this may be a stupid question, but i have to ask. did this happen at one of those drive through car washes that is manned with people, or a drive though like at a gas station?
the reason i ask is because i used to work at one where we would take off the antenna's. and if we could not we would have the customer sign a waiver. any other object that would be considered a potential hazard would have to be signed for as well. e.i., bike racks, bugshields... you get the picture.
now for those things that got damaged after the initial inspection was done, and was not an item that was signed for, had to be fixed by the carwash.
if you are in a similar situation maybe the carwash should be fixing your AV. :B: ???
i almost forgot! i will take a look at the box. maybe i can see these two other screws you were talking about. i willl get back to ya. :B:
You cannot take the lid off easily. How do I know this? Because I waited 3 !$(&%!(* hours so they could change the lid (warranty) before they came back and said that the door hinge was integral to the whole box area and they had to rip out the whole thing to fix it. :D:

(sigh). I would tread cautiously on this. The trim guy at the dealer had a few choice words about this repair. Took him 4.5 hours (as it says on the warranty claim)

Thanks everyone for your input. It seems like a stupid design for them to integrate the hinge to the cargo area. But what do I know??? Anyways I was able to bend the hinge back to almost the default position...the front lip of the lid sticks out about 1/8 of an inch. Although it still bothers me that it's not perfect...I think I can still live with it.
PS. I got this damage at the automatic car wash. They took off the antenna and sent it through the wash and then they hand dried it and cleaned the interrior. I was in a hurry and didn't inspect the AV beofre I left. My bad!!
I know this is an old thread, but did anybody ever find a way to do this? The front hinge on my passenger box is rusted to the point where the part the holds the cable is broke off.
You may be better off buying another cargo cover assembly I have seen them on ebay.
hinge is not sold separate comes with cover