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Torque Converter/Transmission

Magnum PI

Full Member
Aug 23, 2006
Baraboo, WI
Ok guys, I am extremely confused.  I am trying to order a torque converter for a new tranny that I am putting in.  I am putting in a level 3 Tranny 4l60E that is guaranteed to fit this application.  My old tranny took a dump after installing a 3" body lift which moved the tranny line right up against the idler pulley, causing a leak and a blown tranny.  On with my question.  I called up Monster Transmissions and asked them to help me get a torque converter.  He says I have a 4l65e not the 4l60e.  He said that you will know this by the bell housing.  I called up my tranny man and he said that my tranny will have the proper bell housing and have far better inards than the 4l65e.  Here is a link to my tranny purchase:


What converter do I get, for the 4l60e as people on the forum say we have or the one for the 4l65e like Monster Transmissions says we have.  I want a 1900 stall speed so the Trailblazer won't work for me.  Thanks for your help guys....
Thanks guys, I sent him an email.  Hopefully he will see it.  Also, hopefully the new tranny will be as good as I hope.  The price was right.  Free shipping and no core.  By the way, I offered him 1400 and he accepted...

Will do, this will be my first time chaning out an automatic tranny.  Worked with manuals before, changing clutches and such.  Hopefully this is just as easy.  Does anyone know of a link for changing it out, kind of like a step by step, or should I go buy a book...
It was a body lift.  The tranny will be here tomorrow and I will be installing it on the 8th with the help of a friend and his lift.  Pics to come soon.  By the way, I went with a 1900-2100 stall converter for a 4l60e
Sorry I was in Nashville and didn't see this thread. If there is any info you need I'd be glad to help. Our trucks have the 4L60E not the 4L65E, not that it matters if you bought a 4L65E(it should be built to those specs) now. Good luck with the install.

Why did you choose lower stall if I may ask, it really isn't that far off stock to make a big difference?

Hey Mark-

I thought about that for a while.  I was told that the higher the stall speed the higher the fluid temperature would be.  I want a little more perforamnce and I thought this would be a happy medium.  And if I understand correctly, isn't the trail blazer TQ running at 2100 on the av?  I could be wrong.  I hope I won't be disappointed.  Mark, did you get a chance to look at the link of the tranny I purchased?  What do you think of it if you don't mind.  It is also at transperformance.net.  Thanks for the insight...

Yes the higher stall can raise temps a bit, but with a good cooler it will bring them back down. The TB converter usually stalls around 24-2500 and goes up with more HP. You will get some gain at 2100. I guess it depends on what your goals are and if you plan on adding more power later.

That seems like a great price if they are in fact doing all they say. I can't see how they can give that kind of warranty and do it so cheap knowing what people will be putting them through. They are pretty much using the same things that most performance builders do and the same parts I use as well. The only things I don't use are the teck pack solenoids and the blue plate frictions. I use OEM solenoids and and Raybestos Zpack clutches. They take alot of heat.

Good luck, Mark
Thanks Mark, the other reason I didn't want to go so high is that I plan on buying a fairly decent size cabin cruiser boat in the near future.  I didn't know if raising the stall speed to much would affect towing at all.  I am not so much into knock you off your feet performance, more of a make you take a step back.  The guy put in three spacers on the shift kit.  I didn't know anything about the spacers untill I did a little reading and it was too late by the time I learned about them.  So anyway, I am going to have some neck snapping shifts when it gets here, if I am right.  Any recommendations on Predator settings as far as TM and shift quickness/firmness?  Again thanks for your help and knowledge.  It is so nice having "experts" in every aspect of the Av on this forum, ie you for transmissions and muffman for the exhaust... Will
OK guys, I have it installed and all I can say is wow!  I will do a complete write up shortly, but I have to say that this thing is amazing!  Thanks for all of your help here.
Magnum PI said:
OK guys, I have it installed and all I can say is wow!? I will do a complete write up shortly, but I have to say that this thing is amazing!? Thanks for all of your help here.

The converter makes a difference.  ;)
"OK guys, I have it installed and all I can say is wow!? I will do a complete write up shortly, but I have to say that this thing is amazing! "
Magnum PI said:
Okay... I'm dieing to read your write-up, or at least hear a little more info! What converter did you end up getting... how much, and from whom?
The review-

Holly Cow!  This tranny made an amazing difference.  It shifts a lot quicker and a lot harder (you can choose this with the spacers put in the shift kit).  Now when it shifts from 1st to 2nd you can squak the tires rather easily (and I have 295's on 16x10's).  I went with a 1900-2100 stall converter.  I went with this one as to save on gas a bit.  I know that the Trailblazer converter has better performance but I wanted gas and I will still be pulling a 20+ foot boat.  No longer do I have the noises assoicted with the tranny that I did (as well as many others) before.  It is so hard to explain how much of a difference it makes, but it is amazing.  If anyone wants a ride to see what I am talking about, let me know.  I am near Madison, WI.  As far as install.  I had 2 friends providing some extra muscle and we used a lift, tranny jack, and lots of air tools.  The install is very easy.  Just take it one step at a time.  Now the bad news.  I forgot to bring the camera with me so I don't have any pics to share.  I wish I did.  But really, this is not that difficult.  Pull out the old and put in the new.  Total costs- 1400 for the tranny from eBay, 225 for the converter, and about 100 in fluid.  Oh and lets not forget the 150 I spent on buying drinks all night after the install.  The whole thing took 7 hours and we went through a case of beer.  We were not busting are ass by any means and it could easily be done in 5 hours.  One note, when you remove the transfer case, you will lose some its fluid.  The only place to get the fluid for the tranfer case is from the dealer.  It is Auto Trak II fluid if I remember correctly.  Any questions please ask.  Sorry about the delay on this post as I was sent over seas for work for about a month...Will
One more thing, a BIG thank you to everyone on this forum for providing all of their help in determining what to go with.  I also added a MBRP exhaust from JP Customs.  Sounds real nice....