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May 15, 2002
Charleston, SC
I've had a slight snap or pop which sounded like it was coming from the front end since I bought my AV. After taking my AV to the service dept, they verified the noise and looked it over during the 6k service. The mechanic brought me back and showed me that I had a bad torsion bar bushing. He said the noise was being transferred from the bushing at the rear of the torsion bar which made it sound like it was coming from the front. So far I haven't heard this noise since it was fixed today, but I've only driven 10 miles. My question is, the torsion bar on the driver's side looks like it's adjusted all the way in and the one on the passenger side has several threads showing. The mechanic said that this is common because the bars are not always perfectly matched. Could the driver's side bushing have gone bad because it was adjusted all the way in? Should I be concerned? What other effects might this have on my suspension? If so, what should I do or how can I best convince the service department to better match the torsion bars if it can cause other suspension related failures? I'd really appreciate any and all insight or experience any has with this. Thanks.
I think a long time ago over a year someone had this same problem
Thought I would post this link just so YGMN didn't think he killed another thread! ;D

This problem was discussed at this link:

Pop In Suspension Arm

Maybe some info in this discussion will help you. i have been having a similar problem but I made sure that all ELEVEN of the front end lube fittings were serviced the last time and it seems to have gone away for now...but I will keep listening! Make sure that they all get lubed because most of the lube shops AND the dealers do not know that there are ELEVEN for the front end of the AV.

Good luck!