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towed my boat for the first time


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Mar 3, 2007
kalamazoo mi.
well i finally brought my 9000# boat home today.... its the first time i have tried towing with my new (03)  2500 truck.... last weekend i installed a putnam hitch because i didn't want to use my reese weight distributing hitch  that's not recomended to be used with the surge brakes on trailer...seemed to pull boat alot better than my old suburban...but squatted back of truck a few inches ..i wished i would have measured it...i now either need to buy different weight distr. hitch or pick up ,back  of truck....the only other thing i tow is a 8x20 trailer with 4 Harley's only 5500# with elect. brakes....i installed prodigy for that ....shouldn't be any problem with that setup...any suggestions what to do???
There is nothing wrong with pushing the rear of the truck down a few inches. I use a WD hitch and still let the rear go down about 2-3 inches.

I know mine's a 1500 with coils instead of leaves, but I added the air bags in the back. Air-Lift I know makes a leveling kit for the 2500, I just looked it up. Pretty sure Firestone does too.


Anyway, I put the bags in mine and they work great. I'm dragging around an 8,000lb trailer. I went with the onboard compressor and love it.



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The Ball dropped 3 1/2 inches without weight distributing hitch.  I was just wondering if this is too much?


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I was just looking back over the post. I don't think I'd want to be towing 9,000 lbs without a weight distributing hitch. I don't know about your Reese, but I've been using an Equalizer for my 7,800lb toy hauler. The thing works great. Here's the web addy in case you want to take a look at it. And it does work on surge brakes.


I have a Reese distributing hitch - But Reese and Prestige trailers (boat trailer) dont recommend using with surge brakes.
How much did the front suspension come up when the rear dropped?

Don't be afraid of that WD Hitch? :E: I'm telling you if you set it up right? it will work fine.? There is no reason a WD hitch will keep surge brakes from working if the chains are the proper length and the chain brackets positioned properly.? :beating:
No matter what anyone tells you. :beating:

Only way to find out is to try it.

Hook it up according to these instructions:http://boards.trailerboats.com/cgi-bin/trailerboats/ubb/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=7;t=001843? and prove me wrong. >:D

I am done :E: :E: :beating: this subject for now.

Happy boating
The safety question is did the front come up to were you noticed difficulty in steering and braking?  If so then you got a safety problem, don't do it.
i think your right iam going to put my w.d.h. on and try it...i didnt think about measuring the front of truck..the ball dropped 3..1/2"...the truck just seemed a little squatted in the back ..i dont know if its a concern or not...thanks for all the imput
i think a lot of the reply's in this post are from 1500 owners, mslater has a 2500 , a totally different animal, i routinely tow 9000-10,000 lbs without WD and i don't have any issues at all.i did install the roadmaster active suspension, i make sure tongue wt. is 10-15 %, and i would not want to compromise the surge brakes on the trailer by trying WD? when the trailer mnfg. says NOT TO USE WD !!! the 2500 has alot more weight on the front already and i see no advantage to the WD unless maybe you already have it.
i would not want to compromise the surge brakes on the trailer by trying WD? when the trailer mfg. says NOT TO USE WD !!!

The trailer Manufacturer does not say not to use WD.
They say it will reduce the braking slightly.? This is not accurate if the hitch is set up properly.
The surge brake coupler manufacturer tells you how to use their unit with a WD hitch.

i routinely tow 9000-10,000 lbs without WD and i don't have any issues at all.

GM does not rate the 2500 to tow over 5000 pounds without WD hitch.? They don't rate a 1500,2500 or 3500 truck for more than 5000 pounds without WD hitch.

I gaurantee if you had a WD hitch installed &  properly adjusted it would be safer and more comfortable to tow that 9000 -10000 pound trailer.