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Trade in Value of 05 Avalanche


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Oct 8, 2004
We need a car due to downsize of family and wanted to trade in our 05 Av>>Sticker on it was 39,000>>fully loaded>>Dark Gray with 43000 miles excellent condition, 20's with all options but Nav>>
4 car dealers wanted to "give us " 16,000, 18000, 19000>>stating that the auctions determine the value and they sell for 16000 usually>>nada which they all say they dont use is 23700 value>>Edmuns 21700 and Kelly says around 18000 trade value.

Why would I buy another chevy if they dont hold the resale value>>while our Av is a great vehicle>>the mileage bites>>any oen have an opionion?
I think gas prices have alot to do with this. Plus 06 is offered a $7000.00 rebate This will lower trade in values. Even though its not your model year it lowers the value
trade in values vary a great deal.

things that matter:
your relationship with dealership
what you are buying
options color etc etc
used car Buying public...

Gas hogs are not very desireble right now so you will take a hit...
maybe you'd have a better chance selling it privately...

I can't imagine life after AV's  :rolleyes:    We love them
We've already built some Silverado crewcab HD 2008 "saleable pilots" and will probably model change sometime next week before the 2 week summer shutdown.

Trade-In Values always drop at model change because alot of people trade up in July/Aug/Sept
Negotiate. ?

When a dealer says "auction" that means offer the poor guy 25% less than blue book to start off. ?All you dealer reps can correct me if I am wrong but auction vehicles are more like my company pool truck that I turned in after 13 years of heavy field use. ?Beat up and seats were shot. ?Still ran perfectly. ?That vehicle went to a big auction. ?Maybe you get newer stuff that has been involved in accidents or the owner had problems with the law (which are usually not kept in clean condition). ?The majority of 2 year old vehicles are clean trade ins. ?I took my 05 Av over to my dealer last weekend and they offered me 24.5 K to start after drooling over it. ?I only have 19K miles on it. ?They have one used 05 Z with mileage like yours and they have it badged at $29,999. ? ?So I imagine if a 07 caught my eye and I traded this weekend that I would get 24.5K and the dealer would wash my old truck and put it next to the 05 Z with the tag "low miles" and a price of at least $29,999.

In this neck of the woods, there are not too many used Avs out there and the new loaded ones are a big price jump compared to what we paid two years ago. ?That keeps trade in value at blue book despite what your dealer is saying.