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trailer harness ?


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Jan 9, 2004
Well I picked up a VR3, and I have a quick question about wiring up the camera to the trailer harness:? Which 2 wires do I connect the red and black wires to?? I know I heard light green somewhere but about the other?

Thanks Raceman - Do you mean ground as in attach it to some metal, or ground as in the ground wire (darker green on every light fixture in my house).  Sorry - I never really messed with wiring...
Hey thanks again Raceman for the quick response.  I got it installed, and the first image was my kid on a tricycle smack dab in the blind spot - just like someone else here.  For the price, I can't complain too much - it serves it's purpose.  Not as nice as the cubbycam looks to be.  I did a pretty half-assed job because I needed a cheap removeable fix; it's a lease, and I may be turning it in soon. 

I think using the trailer harness to wire the cam has to be easier than cracking the light.     
The clips suck, and I had to strip the wires a little to get good contact - if this thing fails, that will be my first suspect.  The wire is visible above the cam since I don't want to drill a hole in my plate.  It does cover up the TEXAS on the plate, so I don't know if that's a problem with the law.  If I do get pulled over, I'll just show the cop my two child seats (hopefully full at that point) and say I was doing it for them to milk a warning.
I am using the plug with the screen velcroed right below the cubby.  I can still access all the cubbies and controls but there is a little cord slop - I think I'm going to shorten that up.  I can take the whole thing out in seconds so it doesn't get ripped-off.  The red light on the plug is annoying when not in use, so I would definitely splice into the fuse box if you can.

Not too shabby for $95 delivered (BJs) :D.  I can pretty much see everything when used in conjunction with the mirrors.
Yeah, I mounted this same unit to trailer harness.  Been working fairly flawlessly.

The other thing I did, was take off the front panel on my '02 ashtray, and mounted the VR3 screen to this using some screws and metal stand-offs / washers to get an angle towards the driver.  Thus it is to the right of my 3 accessory outlets.  It sits fairly flush with the Dash, doesn't quite look 100% factory.  I also used a license frame to hide the wire.

But the camera doesn't look so good, and does obstruct the plate somewhat.  I'm sure down in VA here they are picky.

So what I did, was secure a bracketCAM, and I have a video unit you can find in another post.  Hopefully I'll get a free weekend someday to install everything (remote starter sat for 9 months before I put it in).