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Transmission Slip?


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Jan 31, 2002
Lansing, MI USA
I have noticed in the past few months that when i place my foot on the accelerator it felt like my foot was slipping off the pedal which was not allowing the truck to move forward or in reverse. Since its summer i was wearing sandles a lot and thought that was the cause of it...today i got in my truck, put it in reverse and put the gas on and NOTHING except the reving of the engine. It has happened a few times here and there...and I fear if i take it in...they will say...I cant find anything! Anyone else have a delayed shift into gear problem? ???
Haven't had that problem, but I have noticed that the "no up-shift" problem that I mentioned back a few months ago is getting worse. Now it seems to do it about half the time when I first start out after engine being cold. I purposely wait 30 seconds or so for it to get the fluids flowing well before I start out (usually) and it still does it. Trans. level is fine, not sure what it is. It seems to only do it from 2nd to 3rd (i.e. won't shift up to 3rd), and only seems to when the engine is first started for the day. Anyone else experiencing this?
I had a few instances with the transmission slipping, but they are so few and far inbetween, that I didn't want to take it in also.
Same here. It's just happend 3 times in the 5 months I've had Big Blue so I'm a little loathe to take it in and let the dealer screw with it for a couple of days and then tell me nothing's wrong.
Mine slipped about 5 or 6 times in the first 2000 miles. The slip occurred after a backup when putting the truck in a forward gear and also it happened a couple of times after a stop for a light and slipped when trying to accelerate from the stop. Fortunately it has been about 2500 miles since it last did it. I just hoped it would go away and for the moment it has.
I had a 1500 Z71 Av that I bought last August. I put 12,000 miles on it over the past year and had the following problem about 6 times. When starting out from a stop light, it would rev and then lurch forward. I could swear that it was trying to start out in second or third gear before it jumped into first. It would always move forward a bit before lurching so I know it was in some forward gear. It first occured at about 1000 miles and then once about every 1000 miles after that until I got to about 6000 or 7000 miles. After that, I dont recall it happening again. I recently traded it in on a 2500 4X4 and only have 150 miles on that one so I dont know if it will have the same problem. Anybody experience this with the 2500 yet?