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Tubular Assist Steps?


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Aug 11, 2005
Parkersburg, WEST VIRGINIA
Has anyone put the new big Tubular Assist Steps on their new 07 avalanche? I would really like to see pictures of them on your truck(if you have). I think they cost around 500-600 bucks.


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I saw these on a 2007 Suburban yesterday and i gotta tell ya....It looked bad a$$.  Brings back some toughness to the truck(IMHO).  Are the
2007 Suburban and the 2007 Avalanche the same from the drivers door to the front? I would think they are.
Those are good looking steps!

In case you didn't know the factory bars were redesigned for the 2008 Z71. (Not sure if the same for 2007 redesign too) Vs. the 2002-2006 bars.
They are wider, have a more aggressive step pad texture and have black plastic surrounding the bars to cover the open area between the bars,frame and body of the AV.
Here is a shot of my 2008 for comparison.


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