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Turn Signals On Door Mirrors?


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Mar 13, 2002
Long Island, New York
Maybe I'm not keeping up to date with the latest news but is Chevy putting the turn signals on the Door Mirrors on the 2003 Ave's. I saw an Ave this morning with its mirrors blinking. I was a bit perplexed!
The power fold option is great for pulling in and out of skinny garages. The whole Av is awesome, but the new mirrors are a nice touch. Had mine only five days, still GRINNING! ;D
yep my av has keys for driver 1 and driver 2 where you can program the mirrors o tilt down in reverse for either driver i love the arrows on the mirrors and anyone that see's it is amazed by the av.
silversport said:
Yup...they have turn signals on the mirrors...they power fold and tilt down when in reverse...we missed out!!! ;D :B: :p

I would imagine that we could get them for ours if we really wanted to. Then again I heard that GM was going to change the whole electrical system in the 2003. Sought of bring it up to Standards.