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Turned Some Heads


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Oct 29, 2002
NE Ohio
Went to the NE Ohio chapter meet today at Applebee's. Three of us pulled out at once, I was at the end. Don't know if the others noticed, but there was a family coming out across the parking lot & I thought they would trip over each other seeing us pull out.
Just wait till our GTG on the 7th at Olglebay, when we'll have close to 20 in a row....talk about people tripping! :eek:

Isn't it great!

But Mrs.WVAV is right, just wait til Oglebay. Should be lotsa :eek: :eek: :eek:
Gee, we better be careful.... don't want to cause any accidents because of rubber-neckers :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

The Oglebay trip should be awesome, make sure to bring your camera (y)
Traz -

Dave02Z66 took some pics, hopefully they'll be up sometime soon, if not then on the Dec. cruise I'll make sure someone takes some pics of it (y)
At the Hocking Hills GTG, I was near the middle of the line, so I heard it, but anyone at the front or rear probably didn't. As the nine of us went through one of the towns on the way to park, we passed a couple of elementary school age boys standing on the side of the road out by a fast food burger joint. One's jaw had dropped, and the other was shouting (I heard it clearly through the closed windows) "Wow! All those trucks look the same!"

It's good to be the center of attention. >:D

-- SS
ShapeShifter, yeah but did you see the guy in the old Ford going the other direction who gave us all a thumbs down.

Gee, some people. :rolleyes:
My son has a friend who moved here only a few years ago from Mexico. The kid is hilarious. Last week I had 3 other kids already in our small Corsica, & went to pick up my oldest from wrestling. His buddy needed a ride home. Now we have 4 kids cramed into the back seat of this Corsica & he says "This is how we ride in Mexico" We cracked up. Yesterday, I went to pick up my son in the AV & the kid comes out, takes a look & says in a high shrill "Oh my God!" He walked away staring back in disbelief.
well with 26+ AV's in the CTMAH cruise this weekend we turned quite a few heads. I saw some kids sitting in the back of a truck at a farm, when the realized what it was the started counting the AV's. Kinda like we used to do as kids for the trains we would pass on the family vacations.