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Two-tone EXT


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Mar 6, 2002

Yesterday I ran across a two-tone painted EXT. It was black on the bottom and faded into a silver at the top. I was wondering if this was from factory, or a custom paint job ??? Either way it's the nicest version of our trucks I have seen to-date. The truck was riding on chrome 24's, and had me drooling the entire way home. ;D

I live in Miami, and we have quite a variety of nice trucks, but this one certainly takes the cake!

Any ideas if this was from factory or custom?

I have seen an EXT and a regular Escalade in two tone at a dealer!!! If it's not GM direct I think it may be a dealer add on. In my opinion....all black is the way to go. I think the two tone is nasty!!!! Opinion of course. My $0.02
not sure what colors you are refering to, i liked the two tone color combo i saw. available for viewing at tha AV Zone thread under cool Escalade, EXT, and ESV. check it out if you have not already.