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Upgraded tow hitch


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Im new to the group. I own a 09 4x4 i want to buy a camper factory says i can tow 7900 my hitch says 5000. Is there an aftermarket hitch im missing? I've looked everywhere. Im looking to buy a 24.5 foot camper for a great price. It weighs 4800 dry im doing suspension and brake upgrades just wondering if there's a aftermarket hitch in the 9000 lbs range?


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If you're going to tow 7900 lbs, make sure you have the HD cooling package (RPO code in glove box K5L). If not, you'll need to get an aux transmission cooler installed (the bigger the better). The stock receiver can handle the 7900 pounds but only when a weight distribution hitch is used.


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I put an aftermarket Reese on my 2500, rated for 12,000 draw weight and 2,000 tongue load. Much beefier than the stock hitch.


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I'm looking at the Draw-tite 41930 and the Curt 14080.  Leaning toward the Draw Tite based on others' having used it.  I believe it fits the existing holes plus you drill two more spreading the strain over a longer span.