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URGENT...Don't Buy Till You Read This!


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Jan 18, 2002
Area 54
I just got a new GM card promotional in the mail. You can get up to $2003 off any new GM vehicle. This offer runs only till Jan. 31st and is good only on "in stock" vehicles. Call 1-800-947-1000 for details. How can you beat 0/0 and another 2k off!!


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We just got the same promo today too. Too bad we're not ready for a second Av or another GM vehicle.
Great information..this is the kind of promo...that you would give to a friend who is just..."sitting on the fence" in regards to his Avalanche purchase....I'm sure a deal like that not many folks would pass up.... :B:
I just got a new GM card promotional in the mail. ?You can get up to $2003 off any new GM vehicle. This offer runs only till Jan. 31st and is good only on "in stock" vehicles. Call 1-800-947-1000 for details. How can you beat 0/0 and another 2k off!!

Is there any more info on this promo for those of us who did not get a mailing? I have a vehicle on order and would love to cut the cost down as much as possible. That phone number is for the GM Card and you wind up in a maze of "push 1 for..."

In California/Western Region, the only "publicized" deal is the 0% or $2000 rebate.

After asking a few dealers, I found another $750 for a GM Loyalty Rebate. Valid through 2/28/03 for existing GMAC finance customers. That "loyalty" deal is not publicized and you really have to ask for it. Kinda like the college graduate program that has a rebate for $400.

There are a lot of these special deals. It would be nice to set up a permanent thread containing the latest deals/offers/rebates. Not only for the vehicle but for accessories such as lights and shocks.

Here is my entry:
MSRP $40,255
Inv $35,673
Dealer $200

Western Rebate ($2,000) in lieu of 0% financing valid through 2/2/8/03
Loyalty Rebate ($750) valid through 2/28/02
Here is the scoop on the $2003 rebate.

GM Card (credit card with the 5% rebate) holders are randomly selected from time to time with special offers. This program is created by the marketing department and there is no advance notice or details on how it is done.

Selected GM Card holders were given an automatic bump up to $2003 in rebates. Thus if you had $10, it would be worth $2003 if you use it before the expiration date. Your account would be marked at the GM Card redemption center with the new amount.

A similar program was released last month when they added another $500 to selected GM Card holders.

These additions were "stackable" to any existing promotion or rebate. Thus some can qualify for 0% AND $2003 or $2000 + $2003 in rebates.

The bottom line... The rebate is only valid for GM cardholders who received notification of this "bump up". Nobody else qualifies. If you are a GM Cardholder, you can call the 800 number and connect to the redemption center. They will check your card to see if it qualifies for the $2003 bump up.

I was not so lucky :(
:eek:FYI ...If you have purchased your vehicle before you received your offer in the mail...don't fret. As long as your sales contract is dated January 7th or later , :eek:you are eligible to get an "after the sell" rebate for up to $2003 total. See your dealer.


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Am I missing something? ?(Yes, see below) I know $2003 rebate is a good deal, but it's not great.
I bought my AV on 12/28/02 when they were running the $2000 rebate + $1000 "holiday cash".

My total rebates were
$2000 rebate
$1000 holiday cash
$250 bonus rebate for GMS qualifying buyers (which I am)
$1650 GM Card Earnings
$500 Coupon for additional GM Card earnings that I got in the mail
Total was $5400 OFF

Of the $5400, only $250 of it was "special" for GMS buyers.
Use your GM Card like crazy for EVERYTHING! ?It adds up quick!

Now, just for bragging rights, I'll reiterate that I qualified for GMS (GM employee) discount... ?All said and done, I paid $30k for my $42k (sticker) Avalanche >:D

Edit: I just re-read the thread and noticed the part about this $2003 being stackable with $2000... Okay, I'll shutup now ?;D
Actuallly, by buying when I did, I only missed out on $503 since the $500 coupon I used expired on 1/2/03. ?But it still irritates me to think about how many mods I could have done for $503. ?:cautious:
You didn't loose anything.

The "holiday cash" is no longer in effect... so you gained $1000 by purchasing before 1/4/03

The $2003 is actually a bump up. If you had $1650, it would be worth $2003... a gain of less than $400 in your case... however, you would have lost the $500 bonus coupon (which was in effect last month and is now replaced with the $2003 bump up).

GM plays a lot of these games so you have to keep your eyes open :rolleyes: for the latest deal.

Anytime you can get $10,000 or more off MSRP, you are doing very well. My current deal is about $30 on a $40 MSRP. That includes a very hefty $3000 from my GM card.
Just found another $1000 in "dealer cash".

This is in addition to the $2000 existing rebate.

Available for any in stock Avalanche with an invoice date before 9/15/02. It is another incentive to move older 2003 vehicles that have been sitting in the lots. Offers ends 1/31/03.
The more I think about, I'm beginning to consider trading. ?I'm not sure if I can though. ?What I owe to GMAC is slightly less than trade-in value. ?With that owed, would the dealer just take my Av, wipe out the GMAC loan, and then apply the additional difference to the purchase price of a new Av? ?I haven't done a trade-in before. ?Can you tell? ? :rolleyes: