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USA Edition Avalanche



Can anyone educate me about this special "USA Edition" Avalanche? How can i get one? Is it a special process? What's in it that makes it unique?

If you don't know what I'm talking about, well, let me explain. I was driving in Naperville, Illinois last week (my brother and his family live there) and saw a white bodied Avalanche moving north on rte. 59 in the lane to my left. Painted in big blue letters (each letter 10 inches tall) on the rear panels on each side were the words: "USA Edition". A 20 something guy with his girlfriend were driving it. I've heard of "North Face" but not "USA Edition".

Can anybody shed any light on this? ???
thanks for replying, XRover. I was beginning to think it was my breath or something. ;D Anyway, that's what I saw right on the road next to me. I couldn't believe it, either. Any idea who I could call (from this board it sounds like dealers don't know squat) to find out about this "USA Edition"?
If this group doesn't know about it - it probably doesn't exist! :eek:
I would guess what you saw may have been put together by a local
dealer rather than a special edition from Chevy. A select set of
options, some special touches such as custom seating, a trip to
the local graphics shop and Voila! The "USA Edition Avalanche"
I'd bet it's nothing you couldn't do yourself if you started with the
right truck and added the parts yourself, and probably save a few
bucks in the process. Take a look around here at some of the
incredible mods others have done.
As it stands...right now there is no "USA trim level AV" doesn't mean that chevy might not decide in the future to add such a gimmick to our trucks....
Sorry, I checked the usual sources for the press and have found nothing about a special edition AV.

From the sounds of it, this might be a package put together at a dealer or individual level. In Illiinois it is common to find the Illinois edition Fords and the Balloon Classic Olds etc. I would check with some of the bigger dealers to see if they cooked something up. Hope this helps....

speaking of special edditions. does anyone know what happened to all the Olympic Torch Relay AV's?
A creative individual or dealer can do a lot with paint. I've seen several custom painted Av's running around ranging (IMO) from really sharp to down right ugly!
wrchism - Have you heard anything about a maroon and blue "Colorado Avalanche" Avalanche? Someone mentioned it to me in passing, but I haven't found anything in print or online. If it exists, I assume one of the larger Denver dealers is behind this one.
That would make sense - make it look like a huge Roy jersey! I would guess some were done up for the hockey club so they could claim "the official ride of the Colorado Avalanche" or something like that. I'm not sure that color of maroon and blue would look good together though...

timcosco said:
wrchism - Have you heard anything about a maroon and blue "Colorado Avalanche" Avalanche?.
Saw one this morning. Black though, not maroon and blue. Nothing special... just a Z71 with some sort of "Colorado Avalanche Limited Edition" badging (stickers) on the two C-pillars and on the upper-left corner of the tailgate.
I saw an Av on display inside the mall last weekend, white 2WD (not Z66), with a flag-motif sticker set, stars, stripes, etc.

No window sticker so I don't know if it was standard or custom. I don't recall a USA edition anywhere on it. Looked pretty sharp, but I'll keep my Indigo blue instead.

Hey Spork!

A chev dealer here in Rock Springs, WY. had one in his show room for a little while,they said they sold it to a local but I hav'nt seen it around.

timcosco . . .

Finally got back to this thread . . .

No, I wasn't aware of the "Colorado Avalanche" Avalanche! Not a bad idea. I'll keep my eyes open.
Yes, the Colorado Avalanche version does exist. Saw it on the lot here in Colorado Springs, CO as I was doing a little shopping. :) As timcosco said, it's nothing really special. Badging on C-Pillars and tailgate as mentioned, does look kinda cool though. -Jason