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Very Bad Dream



Ok I woke up this morning thinking I had sold my AV. :7:

Cant remember what I got instead but damn I woke up in a cold sweat and ran out to see if it was true. :D:

Thankfully it was one of those pyscho weird dreams that seem all too real.

But I still have her :love:
You might want to seek professional help with this problem.
Do you have abondonment issues? Do you hate your mother, father, or siblings? Or all of them?

I feel qualified to ask these questions as my business partner is breaking up his fourth marriage and exhibits much the same symptoms as yours.

I am quite sorry to hear of your problem and hope that it goes away soon.

You could try not sleeping at all. :0:
Nope I have good relationships with all of them.....

However it has been a trend of mine with cars to get rid of them after 6 months or so.....but I refuse to do that with the AV.

I love this thing.

And so if I have this dream again....I will be like Buhda and cut off my eyelids so i do not sleep anymore.
I'm working on that.....trying to win that Tent in the raffle ;D
White Av

I had a similar dream a while back, my AV was sold for me and my old car came back - I awoke feeling very foul.
I had a dream that I was sitting in the middle of a lake. Like i was in a chair. My legs below my knees were the only part of body in the water. My bottom wet, water calm on a sunny day, Eary fall I would think. If you were to look closely......... squint your eyes...... tilt your head......... Take in a breath.........and You would see....

Onstar antena to my left, am/fm antenna to my right. c/b+scanner antennas arear of me. My feet dangling through the sun roof.

Fade to black :p