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Viper 3000 Help Needed! 71 Firebird


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Mar 6, 2005
I'm out of ideas and hope one of my Avy buddies can help!

I've installed power locks in the car.  They are activiated by providing a ground to the relays (ground one wire for lock and the other wire for unlock).  I've found the wires on the Viper that provide 12+ when lock and unlock are pressed but I'll be damned if I can find wires that provide a ground.

I've got to be missing something here, I can't believe there would not be provisions for a grounded type door system.

Any help????????

If the alarm can not be programmed to change it to a ground then you will have to use two (one for lock and one for unlock) more relays to change the polarity.


  • relay polarity change.JPG
    relay polarity change.JPG
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Thanks, probably going to be my best shot if I can't get a installer to program it for me.