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Visor - It Overhead Storage


Full Member
Jun 4, 2003
I was planning on adding an overhead storage systerm by Pace Edwards called a Visor - It. It is a two piece design, mounting on either side of the overhead console where the visors mount. I called Pace Edwards, and they do not have one listed for the AV :(, but they do have one for the Silverado and the Suburban. Without running to the dealer and jumping in and out of vehicles with a tape measurer, does anyone know if That portion of our AV's is identical to a Silverado of Suburban. I would be Suburban, but not sure.

(y) Thanks,

Brian Kyono
2003 Z66 with cloth split bench and Conv. Pkg. w/ Homelink
I sent Pace Edwards an e-mail asking what would be appropriate for a 2003 Avalanche with a sunroof. I've not heard back from them yet.... You could send them an e-mail with your specs.

I've been looking/thinking about the same mod.... When you get it done, please post all the details and pics. I'm especially curious about how much the shelf will interfere with visibility since it lowers the visors. But I'm short so that'll help. ;)