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:-/Waiting For Delivery!!!


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Apr 13, 2002
Hello fellow avalanchers, well im not one yet.
Let me explain,
In Mid January i spotted a Sunset Orange Z71 which
cruised by my Freelander on I95 , both Me and my Wife
looked at each other, she Knew exactly what I was about to say! - Im gettin one of those- ...

No your not!
She replies reminding me of her 6 month pregnancy with our first child and the ?new set of mature responsabilities? which left little argument for a 35K
After a lot of negociating and a visit to our local
dealer she was convinced, and the deal was made,
Out with the Land Rover In with AVALANCHE.

Then, my suffering began, My dealer said ?Im afraid im sold out of units this month, but new shipment is 15 days away!!? and I belived him.

As you can imagine the 15 days turned to 1 month.
One day i recieve a phone call at work, It was my dealer Luis!...He said , Dr, you better come in the dealership we gotta talk , im afraid i got bad news..

I rushed in to find a sweaty Luis with my order in his desk.
He said ..Dr I got bad news, Of the 22 units i orederd the factory only sent 7 and due to the great demand there are no putters, no onyxblack (which was my choice)no whites and no blues . I got only One Orange but im afraid its not a Z71 its a Z66...Im sorry.

I weighed my options, change dealer ...cant its only one in town. change car...never.. forget bout it, keep the Freelander and use money for an extra big new nursery, ......wait another month for next shipment knowing all to well it can turn into 2 months!!

Well I took the latter.
So Im in Waiting of Delivery from my dealer, meanwhile
i surf the web every night for Avalanche related stuff, thats how i came across CAFCNA .
NOw all i can do is wait and post long stories
on forums in hopes that time will go faster
and the next shipment arrives
Oh yea, and wait for the new baby...

My wifes gonna kill me.

Still Waitin...


The wait is well worth!! ;D

An early congrats on your new addition. It sounds like you are in the same situation with the wife as I was several months ago. My wife was also pregant with our first child when I started mentioning about getting rid of my Dodge Quad for an Av. She pretty much said the same thing about responsibility, maturity, and money! So that squashed the idea until after my daughter was born.

My daughter was born on 10/15/01.

So for the next several months any time we had to go some where I made sure we took my truck. After 3 months my wife had enough of the cramped back seat of our Dodge. So in Jan of 2002 we got rid of the Dodge and became a Av owner! ;D

Unfortunetly, I didn't get to buy the Av I wanted. I wanted a Z71 but the only ones they had were Z66, regular 4x4's, and a bunch of 2500's. I didn't want to wait because I figure my wife just might come up with a new excuse not to buy the Av. So we ended up with a regular 4x4, but I have no complaints. I am dealing well without the added creature comforts of the Z71 and I figured I could always do most of the same mods that the Z 71 has if I wanted them. So far I have opted to do all of the mods instead (i.e. K&N filter kit, upgraded lights, graphics, JBA exhaust and so on!!)

So my suggestion to you while you are waiting for your Av is get your list of modifications together, shop for the lowest prices and get ready to have some real fun when your Av arrives!! Well to the club!! :D :D
guess what? I saw a brand new metalic sunset orange avalanche z71 yesterday setting on a dealers lot. fully loaded. it was at croft chevrolet in cherokee oklahoma. i would bet that if you talked to your dealer he could get it for you
Welcome to the club!!! ;D
Hey doc, If you time it right, You can have 2 deliveries in the same month. As a former 2x Land Rover owner I can say thay the Av is more comfortable, quieter, faster and get's better fuel economy. (Disovery II). I think the cargo bed will even fit the Freelander.

Hang in there and don't settle for anything less then the AV you want with the options you want.

Good Luck and congrats on the 2 new babies.
I do not understand what the dealer has told you about ordering an AV. I ordered mine January 7, 2002 My Av was built on January 21, 2002. It arrived at the dealer on January 31, 2002. If you signed a contract for a ordered vehicle there is no game playing. If your dealer is telling you he will order it without a signed contract then he is playing games with you. Contact the chevrolet regional rep. No AV should take months to get.
Ask questions.
Dr-bypass I would run not walk out of your deal. Your dealer is playing games and if you have not paid any thing for the order you have no order. If you can't trust your dealer this early in the deal you won't get good warretee and service work.
I ordered my AV in July and my dealer told me it would be 6 to 8 weeks. We paid $500.00 to lock in the order and ordered the AV we wanted. In 5 weeks it was in and just what we ordered.
There must be another Chevy Dealer that will shoot straight with you in your area. If you can't find the AV you want on the lot I don't understand why they wouldn't order one.
I agree...this dealer is giving a line of B :eek:S. You should be able to order one from the factory and get it within 4-6 wks (unless you live in Alaska or Hawaii).I would dump this Dealer unless he is giving this to you for ?much less than invoice. Are you living in a "1 horse" town?
Dr. Bypass - where you at? I-95 - that's east coast - certainly there are other Chevy dealers within shooting distance.

I found my perfect Av by mean of GMBuypower.com. They let you search dealer stock online anywhere. I started at home and worked outward until I found what I wanted. In fact, the one that I found was so new that it hadn't arrived at the dealers yet. Went down and watched them drive it off of the transporter - took it home 2 hours later with only 5 miles on the clock.

Had to drive a bit, but it wasn't too painful. My only concern is getting service from the local Chevy dealer having not purchased there. So far no service requirements - may it stay that way!

What ever way you go, good luck - and as you know from this board - you'll enjoy the Av!
My dealer, sight unseen, with never having met the guy, arranged a dealer swap to get me exactly the truck I wanted. Nothing more than a verbal agreement to buy the truck if it was everything that I wanted. The truck came in the very next day.

Your dealer is screwing with you. You can find a dealer online, that would probably ship the truck right to your door step, if your financing goes through.
Forget that dealer...like everyone before me already mentioned...it seems like BS.....

Waiting is one thing..but this is ridiculous....I would pack it up and move on to a dealership that will give you what your looking for and not make you wait a year to get it....

On a side note....congrats! on your new kids...
Dr B welcome to the club! Dump that dealer! If you go on to http://www/gmbuypower.com you can build the exact Avalanche you want, and then do a search of dealer inventories in your area. Then, with that information in hand you can walk in to any dealer you want to get the deal you want. If they say they can't get on you pull out your GM Buy Power print out that says dealer XYZ does have one, 73 miles away, and it's VIN is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Now you guys can arrange a vehicle swap or I'll just drive out there and get it myself. I'd rather work with you because you're closer but if you don't want the deal...

Trust me - you'll get your Av...