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Warning For Securing Side Storage Cargo


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Jun 6, 2002
McKinney, TX
Just noticed something that's worth mentioning to you all especially for anyone who puts something valuable in the side storage compartments (heck, I'd even worry about a Mag Light). When inserting my key into the cylinder to lock the lid it is VERY easy to bump the cylinder in slightly which releases the door latch.

You can still turn the key, lock the lid, and remove the key, but the door will be sitting on top of the latch instead of secured by it and anyone can open the lid without pressing the button at all.

Make sure to check your storage lids after you lock them to make sure they are latched securely.

Don't feel bad, i did the same thing when i left a dock down in Venice. When i stopped in New Orleans to get something to drink the hatch was standing straight up. I guess a combination of a little high speed and wind lifted it up???????? Oh well, good warning for all that has not noticed it.....
I have the same problems on my storage bins. When I try to lock the bins and they wont stay shut I usually have to SLAM the suckers shut. Been working for me so far.
Conwayavalancher said:
I have the same problems on my storage bins. ?When I try to lock the bins and they wont stay shut I usually have to SLAM the suckers shut. ?Been working for me so far.

I to have to SLAM mine shut. Kind of a bother some times. I get angry when I forget to and realize it later. Wouldn't want anyone snooping around in there. :eek:
I Too have lived this quirk. Unfortunately it was upon leaving a touchless car wash, blowing water and air assualting the contents of the side box!! :7:
I have also noticed how easy it is to unlatch the side bins when locking them. It takes a gentle touch to insert the key.

For those who are having problems with having to slam the lids shut, there is an adjustment. This has been covered before:

pdxkevin said:
It is the lower 1/2 of the locking set. The 'U' shaped bar that the lid lock down onto. There are two screws whick hold this in place. Just bearly loosen each and use a long screwdriver as a folcrum to slightly raise the height of the upside-down 'U' shaped bar. Make sure to tighten the screws back down again before closing the lid of the latch may over loosen the bar.

For me the lid only locked if I shut the lid really hard. This meant to me it wasn't traveling far enough to set the latch in the locked position. So by raising the 'U' shaped bar, the latch does travel far enough to lock.

Hope this helps you guys...

-- SS
I had this problem too. But I found that if I turned the key to the locked position, then closed the lid I no longer had this problem. I don't even really need to slam the lid either, just let it drop.

However, the first few experiences made me a bit paranoid, so I still check it everytime I close them. :)
You also might try pushing down on them a little as you turn the key, this seems to work for me, I had a windstorm blow one of mine open, so now I always double check to make sure they're really locked.
I hear ya on the paranoia thing. I feel like I check those suckers every time I walk by, tailgate too. It's nice to be able to secure everything in a lockable place, it just stinks the first time you realize it wasn't secured. :rolleyes: