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Jun 19, 2002
ChicagoLand, USA
I just picked mine up from MacNeil (I live near Downers Grove, their headquarters).
I read where someone drilled out the dimple and used the 5th screw and mounting point.
I was asked by MacNeil to pass this on.... :B:

corrected spelling in topic name so others who may search for this can find it
Hmmmmmmmmm ?now I will go look at mine....The GM did not have the hole but did have the screw...So I drilled the hole...

i'm not use if my lund is different but it had 5 holes and 5 screws. the only complaint i have is the ends seem to rattle when the doors are closed
The GM shield now uses double sided adhesive tape instead of the center screw.

:cool: :0:

ygmn said:
Hmmmmmmmmm ?now I will go look at mine....The GM did not have the hole but did have the screw...So I drilled the hole...
Oops, too late. The center of the shield used to vibrate at highway speeds; now it doesn't. But I gotta wonder why they give you five screws and five inserts if you're only supposed to use four of them.
mine had the tape in two pieces...I used that under the outer mounting spots to help with prevent rattles....i thought this would be the most likely place...
My GM bug shield had instructions for 5 inserts but only included 4. They don't come out easy once you put them in.
Sounds like they are changing the design as they go....must be something up....i will watch mine!
yeah but how different are they? I will still check mine....
IMHO,The WeaterTech Bug Smasher has a completely different profile than the GM, it is not nearly as big. Sorry, no pics.
HBear said:
IMHO,The WeaterTech Bug Smasher has a completely different profile than the GM, it is not nearly as big. Sorry, no pics.

Maybe that's why it doesn't cause as much ( if any ) vibration on the Driver side mirror >:D

I like the look of mine and no vibration (y)

I just got my deflector from the dealer. I went to install

it today, no screws in the package. I called the dealer

parts guy and told him, he told me that they probably

are not needed. At least I got the mud flaps and the

weather deflectors installed. Next mod is the brush

guard. Happy to be a new av owner.
Just picked up my new AV WOW what a great ride ;D ;D I have 2 young boys 3 and 5 they went with me to pickup the AV and the ?sweet? factor was how cool is it when you can take out the back window (it was surprisingly quiet on the hi-way) My wife really dislikes the Avalanche (ultra conservative Lexus driving accountant) So I need all the support that I can get in the household even if its from the boys

I was in the driveway putting on the ventshades (dealer threw them in when I went to p/u the truck for No Charge but I had to install) and must of had 6 or 7 different neighbors stopped by to check it out. Comments range from ?WOW?, ?love the color?, ?Neat?, and something about ?It?s a guy thing?. ???

Since my wife has been out of town for a few days I will get the real scoop from her tomorrow night on her return. :7: She has never seen the Arrival Blue color before and has only been on a 5 minute test drive, so it should be interesting at least I have the boys cheering in my corner

My question is the dealer also threw in the hood protector but when I pulled it out of the box the instructions showed that there was to be some snap in fasteners but there was nothing in the box except 2 sided tape could anybody confirm if they are missing or do you only use the 2 sided tape, I don?t really want to call the dealer and make a pain of myself since he did throw them in for nothing unless they are really missing. I also wanted to say that after reading over the forums the last few weeks I?m very impressed with the website and the vast amount of info available to all Avalanche owners

Thanks again

there should be four snap in nuts, and screws to mount the deflector with. The long pieces of double back are for the windshield trim. I haven't done this yet, but will be doing it soon. The picture shows the locations for the screws. The center location doesn't have a screw, I wish it did though.


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The reason for the missing centre mounting hole is covered in the install thread. I'll merge these two threads together to keep our info in one place.
Mine had both, the double sided tape, and the screws. The double sided foam tape stuff I am assuming was just there to provide some cushioning for the lexan. I cannot see this item being installed with just the doublesided foam tape. I can however understand that the center may crack from stress if screwed down,...I didn't have the 5th screw or nut so it is just the tape which doesn't hold very well at all.
I installed the center screw on mine and have no problems.....mine is really old too.....installed OCT 2001 or maybe NOV 2001