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Warranty for used 2004 Avy with over 60,000 miles


New Member
Mar 29, 2007
Hello all,

I just purchased a 2004 pulling beast (I owned a 91 ford ranger for 14 years prior, so the difference is dramatic) for our boat and trailer.  When finishing up with the finance dept., I bit and bought their goldplus extended warranty plan (3 yr/36k for $1800, $100 ded), though they did come down a lot to match my bank's car warranty plan.

I've read the threads on the gmpp warranty plan on the forum and also some of the aftermarket warranties.  With my avy having 66k miles at purchase, it appears that I cannot get the gmpp for it, is this true?

I've also read the fine print on my contract and did a bbb check on the warranty company I have and was not toooo disappointed.  I can turn a wrench some and like to take care of my cars myself,  so I've been thinking of cancelling this since all my 'work receipts' to verify general maintenance may be difficult to come by if a problem arises with the warranty.

Anyone know of a decent aftermarket  warranty (if gmpp is not available) that has done needed repairs without denials and hurdles (maybe the holy grail of warranty).

I just bought an 04' with 65500 miles and purchased the GMPP Major Guard with it. I just got the coverage agreement in the mail yesterday. I bought it from a GM dealer. That may bewhy they couldn't offer you this warranty.