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Washer Fluid Warning Light?


Full Member
Jun 28, 2002
My washer fluid warning light comes on whenever I start the AV. The light stays on for a good 30 to 45 seconds before it goes off while I drive away. The fluid resorvoir is full. Does this happen to anyone else or is this a slow sensor to react?

Thanks, Paul
I have never had mine be inaccurate. ?That light is so very annoying.

Maybe a faulty sensor.....
My light only comes on when my resivor is almost empty.

I agree with WhiteAv - sounds like you have a bad sensor and need to visit the dealer.
Take it in something is wrong if it is full and the light comes on.....

Could be a hose inside the tank is holding the float down...if it has a hose or a float switch. ;D
Mine is doing the same thing but it started after I had the reservoir replaced because the original was cracked. I will be going back to the dealer anyway since some parts are on order and this problem will be added to the list.

I suspect it's a problem with the sensor since it appeared on my Av after a new reservoir was installed.
Almost certainly a bad sensor. That's exactly the way mine behaved when it actually was low. (going off after a minute or so, unlike some other warning lights that stay on...)
I've never seen this warning light on mine yet - I'll have to quit topping off the washer fluid to see if it works!
Just think.... someday you'll be able to set it to upload your own custom JPEG to use for the warning lights. You'll probably also be able to attach your favorite MP3 to it. And I'm sure it will log all of the lights and send you messages to your personal communicator (cell phone) to warn you when your vehicle might be getting a warning light.

Personally I would like to change the Cargo Lamp On message to be a picture of Homer Simpson with a MP3 that says "D'OH!"