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Washin The AV Tomorrow


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Oct 24, 2002
well my dad is out of town so i get his AV, and i am not cruisin in it with it as dirty as it is (though it does look kinda cool) so i was gonna wash it tomorrow. i find myself with very little time on my hands so forgive me if i didn't just look at another topic and find this out; if you want you can just post a link to another topic but i don't have the time to look right now. what is some good stuff to use on the plastic to make it look all nice and new again? the black strips b/t the panels on the back? thanks for the help guys!
Its a product called Stoner's Trim Shine. Your Local Pep Boys will Probably have it.

Since its your dad's I would just say soap and water. ;D A lot of people here use plastic cleaners/protectants found in most marine shops (like 303), but that is a time consuming project for having the truck for just a few days. It is like putting a light coat of wax on the plastic.

I would just wash the sucker and go out and play. Find some muddy patches to get that sucker back to the original shape your pops gave it to you >:D

On mine I spent 3 hours cleaning an waxing the other day, but I don't have to give it up after I am done.

well actually hehe he's gonna be out of town for about 2 months in alaska on business... plus i gotta please my mother here! she was the one who really wanted it washed.
i'm sure somewhere in this two months or so i'll take her out and play in the mud some >:D
I would go with soap and water for now but I would use some 303 protectant. I love the stuff. When you Dad gets back I would talk him into buying some Zaino for the AV.
? just saw my first signs of pollen this morning. ?this will not be Stoner's Trim Shine friendly. ?when i used it last summer i had all types of stuff clinging to it. ?bugs and dust were always on it. ?mmayne i put too much on. ?we will see this year.
$5 at the Chevron and I'm in and out...

If I go high class I hit Colonial Car Wash and for $27 they'll wash/wax and detail the inside and outside of it.

That's how I wash my AV ;)


If it is a Z-71 I would suggest you find a back road and get it about as muddy as you can stand it. That's really cool and even cooler if you can pick up some off-roader chick. Then spend a few minutes and $15 bucks at a car wash.