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Washington Av In Calif. Today????


SM 2003
Full Member
Aug 1, 2002
Madera, ?Ca.
I spotted a very nice BLue Av heading north on Hwy 99 today with Washington Plates. I think I read Bremerton on the plate but not sure. It was loading fairly heavy with all kinds of kids riding toys on the top rack. It was just south of Chowchilla, (25miles northof Fresno) about 12:00 noon. Hope you had a safe trip whoever you are. I didn't get around it so I couldn't see the DRL's...
That is what I was thinking Skidd, that is why I posted. I had to turn off before I could get around him so I didn't see the DRL's....
The Chiefs doesn't have Bremerton l/p frames.
Just a thought Steel. Hoping everything is good with the Chief. I have been down the road he is on and it isn't any fun.............