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Wax Test: Guru Reports


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Feb 28, 2002
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:cool: With all the hype over waxes, I have been looking for some objective evidence on which wax does best. The two I have seen on the web were OK but very subjective. I just found a wax test report on 46 waxes including 6 synthetics, Zaino being one of them. I think this is being done by the same people that had a web site called The Wax Test. The published the test under the title of Guru Reports which is modeled after the Consumer Reports, ie they do not accept any advertising.

They have produced a pretty good report that goes into how they did the applications and tests. The later being most subjective but not completely. The beading test being very objective. The test lasted eight weeks. Given that most waxes were gone by the sixth week, their test period was acceptable. They tested everything from Lemon Pledge (for real) to Zaino. Lemon Pledge did the worse.

The top five are.....???

5) Pinnacle Souveran Carnauba Carnauba
4) Armor All Protective Barrier Carnauba
3) Klasse All-In-One & Sealant Glaze Synthetic
2) P21S Concours-look Carnauba Carnauba
and the winner is..
1) Zaino Synthetic

The difference between 5th and 1st is about about 1 point on a 4 point scale.

The Armor All is one of the cheaper waxes. One of the waxes cost $180 for 8 oz and finshed (pun intented) way down in the pack. The remaining 4 synthetics were very average in performance as well.

I would scan the report and post it BUT it is copywrited

Anything in there about the DRI WASH product?

I'm trying to decide on whether or not to buy and use the dri wash product/

Anybody else have any input about it?

Thanks :cautious:
Hey jst4f, would you please give us a link to that test. It sounds like something that would be very useful here. ;D

Cheers !!
Yes, ANY way you could provide us with a link to that test? I personally would be VERY interested in reading that report. I just got back from Howell N.J. yesterday where I purchased my Zaino supplies. I am getting ready to do my truck while on vacation, and didn't want to have to wait the 2 or so weeks for my Zaino to be delivered, so I drove to Howell NJ and picked it up instead. Thanks in advance for helping out the club with that link. :)
I know the guy who did the testing from my detailing forum....nice guy and truly cares about being honest.

You have to buy the report and you have the chance to become a member. They became a part if another site.

I have not read his report yet but from talking to him he stated he woiuld be doing some real world testing on cars and trucks.

Good find JST4F
After I logged off on Sunday (and left for the day) I realized that I had not provided the Website.


You do have to buy the report (on sale for $15 + s/h) and they do have a membership offer as well. The report is a lot more than just the top five waxes so I don't think I hurt their sales any. It is well written and informative.

I don't have the report with me right now but I will check for Dri Wash this evening and report back to this tread. I don't remember it but I didn't try to memorize the list either.
As an owner of black Chevys my whole life, I have been on the search for the ultimate in protection for my finish. I have tried them all, except for the $180, 8oz bottle. Over the weekend of the 4th, I finally put on my first application of Zaino. I am no scientist, but whatever is in this stuff is awesome.
I have read numerous threads on this product, and finally decided to give it a try. It would not have been the first bottle I've thrown in the trash. This Zaino product is far superior to all the others. I'll admit I was a skeptic, but give it a shot. After all this rain we've had lately, I still enjoy the rain dancing on my hood. Nothing I've tried works like this. ;D ;D ;D
You are right on Budman. For an even better experience, apply Zaino to your glass: front, sides and back. You'll experience clearer driving when it's raining as the same beading effect takes place on your glass surfaces.

Don't mean to burst your bubble, but having a small detailing operation and being very active on internet detailing sites, just about every Turtle Wax paint care product is known as fairly crummy stuff. Durability isn't all that bad, but it just can't compare with much when it comes to shine and protection.

Oh, and to those who still think Dri Wash is something great, I'll tell you this, I'D NEVER USE IT! Maybe you think it gives a nice shine while being very easy to use and "doesn't make for swirls and scratches like washign would". Well, there's a reason for that. Number one, it doesn't leave much of anything towards a lasting protection. Number two, it has some rather harsh chemicals that are not good for paint, to say the least. That, and you know why you don't think there are swirls and scratches? It's full of oils and different fillers so you don't see them. Still, if you like using it, more power to you. I'd still recommend washing and using it on a rather clean car, if I were to use it at all.
Never used Zaino the wax I've been useing for the pass ten years is The Wax Shop
Super Glaze.

MurmanZ-71 said:
I live in Hawaii. ?I use Turtle wax 2001 sealant on my AV. ?Is this wax in your report?

Murman :cool:
Yes it was tested. It was pretty middle of the road. On a 1 to 4 scale it was 2.43 where Lemon Pledge was a 1 and Zaino was a 3.53. Turtle Wax 2001 was all but gone by the fourth week. Of all the turtle waxes it was the best.

What about Meguiars Gold Class wax? I used it on my Ranger I just traded in that hadn't been washed in probably a year and it seemed to put a pretty good shine on it. It was easier to apply than most also.

When picking a wax or sealant you have to consider how many times a year you will apply...ease of application and removal, cost, shine, reflective properties, depth, smell, etc...

IF you wax every month most waxes will look good....if you do it 2-3 times a year look for polymer sealants....

GOld class is pretty good stuff but their is better stuff for more $$$


I used zaino before and it is a pretty good wax. However it does not even come close to zymol creame or carbon waxes. You are talking about 33-37% brazilian #1 yellow carnauba in one jar of wax. Then you can try zymol estate glazes : Titanium. Specially developed for suv's. 51% brazilian #1 yellow and white carnauba in one bad boy. Zymol is not cheap, $35 for the creame or carbon and $65 for the titanium. To me it's nothing. You have to protect your #1 asset your paint. I live in Vegas where it is hotter than hell, you need some good ass poop protecting your ride.
Hey tong....carnuaba does not last that long and does not really have any UV protection for paint....It does shine and the Zymol stuff is pretty good but for the price there are other waxes out there.

Zaino has no carnuaba it is all polymers and other fancy stuff with UV inhibitors....

The look of Zaino is different then carnuaba.

Zaino is a polish, and zymol is a wax. Polish is to shine and wax is to protect right. I would rather protect my paint then shine my paint.
Both protect but wax will not last as long as the polymer sealant in Zaino.

To each his own but the evidence seems rather overwhelming Zaino is damn good stuff.

Thank God I found out about Zaino on this great website.
Zaino uses the TERM polish loosely.....

Zaino is designed to protect and shine for long periods of time 3-6 months.

Wax is designed to shine and will last about 3-7 weeks. Wax does not have UV protectants.

I suggest you read the guru report and check out the site listed in myprofile autopia...there is lots of information on both that will help you in deciding which product is best for you.
If people would knew how to wax their vehicle's it will last longer than 3-7 weeks. Maybe that's the junk they sell in the stores. I wax my vehicle twice a year. It is over 100 degrees for 3 months straight here, and over 90 for another 2 months. Did the people at guru test there products in that heat? What vehicle manufactures use zaino? I know zymol is used by Lamborghini, Ferrari, Hummer, Porsche, Jaguar, BMW, Harley Davidson, NSX club, and etc... They must think it's just a little good.
Guru reports tested in all conditions...heat and cold and on daily drivers.....

Here's a simple idea for you guys disagreeing over Carnuba vs. Zaino, a topic of which I'm very knowledgable. Zymol is a pure Carnuba wax just like many others, Pinnacle, P21S, Blitz, etc. These are usually very easy to use and put a unique gloss on your vehicle that many prefer to synthetics. Usually, it's a little wetter or glossier, but most notably, a deeper shine.

However, then there are the sythetics. Zaino, Klasse, Blackfire, Platinum, etc. I currently use Klasse topped with Platinum because I get tremendous acrylic/polymer protection, but because of the Platinum (a polymer), I also get a look very, very close to a Carnuba wax. But, my next step is Zaino. Synthetics are often disliked by some simply because quite a few give more of a "plasticky" or sterile shine when compared to a Carnuba or other polymer. But, the fact stands, no Carnuba will ever last as long or PROTECT as well as a synthetic. This is especially noticable in the summer heat, because Carnuba waxes melt, while sythetics remain unfazed on the paint.

Here's a good rule of thumb. If you like the look of a Carnuba and having to re-apply it more often, go for it. What I would definately recommend though is starting with a coat of an acrylic/polymer first and then topping it with a Carnuba. Klasse is an excellent product to use for this method, and you will get UV protection unlike waxes.

Zymol is a terrific wax, just like many other Carnubas, but I still won't use then on our black Av. Why? It sits outside in the elements 24/7 and I need excellent protection along with a trully amazing shine. Thus, months later, our Av still has the same look, feel, and protection as the first day when I applied the latest layer of "polish". Even better, any water still bubbles and rolls right off the surface so well, it's amazing to watch!

Use whatever you like best, and leave it at that! But, the facts of what protects better and last longer still remain.

I don't know if I missed it, but on the Wax Guru test, which product was rated the highest??