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WBH Body Side Moulding.



I just bought an '03 Avalanche WBH and I'm looking for a small strip of body side moulding to protect the side from dings. Anyone have pix of there Avalanche WBH that has small moulding on the side? I like the chrome bumpers I have and may want chrome in the moulding. The color of my truck is Light Pewter Mettalic. Please send pix or suggestions to this topic. Thanks. Decisions, Decisions, ???
I also have the LPMWBH with no moldings. All the various styles of moldings that GM has used are available from the aftermarket. Couldn't tell you right now which Companies but I've seen them. (Pep Boys carries some) Personally, I am thinking of adding the molding from a Yukon XL. It's wide, but I'd get the body-color, and it has a chrome strip in it.
Hummm, my AV has side molding. In fact it is called CLADDING!! I hear you can buy some after market and add to them.
JUST KIDDING, I just had to mention that. Don't get me wrong I do like the looks of the WBH also. Good luck in you search for the trim, and enjoy your AV
If you go to a good automotive paint store you will find all the mouldings you could ever want. A good detail shop or a truck after market shop can install them for you.
My Z-66 Dark Grey WBH came with a side molding, that has a small chrome strip from the factory. I've attached a picture, see if this is what you are looking for...if so, contact the dealer.

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I saw a black WBH on a transport today. It looked really sharp, but I didn't notice whether or not it had side moulding.
Initially I was thinking about the GMC Sierra molding.....just a smooth chrome strip, not real wide. BUT, they don't use that on the Suburban, and not sure if the molding from the Crew Cab would fit the Av.