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We Hit 3000 Members Today!!


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Apr 14, 2002
I just noticed we reached a new milestone today as we now have over 3000 members!!
This has to be one of the fastest growing and best Forums for GM trucks of any kind on the internet today.
Welcome to all of the new members and I hope you get as much enjoyment and gain as much knowledge as I have since I joined.
I now have a whole new circle of friends!! (y)
OK don't panic.....What is Goo's post count? :eek:
I hope he doesn't have to catch up, that would be a bummer. >:D
Yes, we have over 3000 members - not too shabby for less than 9 months. We represent over 2% of all Avalanche owners and growing fast. (y)

In comparison:

GM-Trucks 3447 Members started Jan 2001
FullSizeChevy 2746 Members started ~ 2001

Lets hear it for the Chief (y)
I would love to get some CAFCNA stickers to give to some AV owners down here in Florida. Can you guys fill me in on the magazine?