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Web Site Listed On The Chevrolet Club Connection


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Jan 10, 2002
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Here it is:

Click here to see club listing

Thanks to whomever suggested we get registered here (now lets see if it will do anything for us). I'll also update the brochure - this should add a lot more clout if you're talking to your dealer about promoting the website.

hey chief, are we associated with alot of the major search engines out there?

...and etc.???

I was wondering that myself so, I tried a few searches.

In the first list are 'Search Engines' which allowed for an
"Advanced Search" and I searched for the 'Exact Phrase'
Chevy Avalanche Fan Club which produced these results... (It's either there or it's not.)

AltaVista.com = YES
Google.com = YES
Yahoo.com = YES
AllTheWeb.com = YES
Search.MSN.com = NO
EZSearches.com = NO
Lycos.com = NO

The following Search Engines did not have 'Advanced Search' capabilities and produced these results when searching for those same words... (But, not as an 'Exact Phrase')...

Kanoodle.com = YES. On 1st page.
SearchaLot.com = YES. On 1st page.
InfoSeek.Go.com = NO. Not on 1st page.
Excite.com = NO. Not on 1st page.
iWon.com = NO. Not on 1st page.
WebCrawler.com = NO. Not on 1st page.

Bear in mind that I did not look past the first page of results on any of these non-advanced searches. The website may have been listed in there somewhere but, it could have taken hours to find that out. And, it may just as well not be there at all.

I also tried one "MetaSearch", through DogPile.com, which uses several search-engines at once. Found nothing on the 1st page but, if you've got lots of time and nothing better to do, it's bound to be in there, somewhere.

I think it's great that we're listed on the "Chevrolet Connection Club" pages.

"Way to go, Chief. One more feather in your head-band."

Does this now make you a bona-fide "War-Chief" ??