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Well At Least I'm Not Alone


New Member
Aug 25, 2002
Chassell, Michigan
I just signed up as a member today, 8-25-02. I see I,m not the only one having the same problems. I have suffered the annoying squeek on the right side front. Due to shock bushings. The shock was replaced on 8-21-02 and the noise stopped. Now the squeek started on the left side on 8-24-02. Back to the dealer ship again. I also have had trouble with the brakes. A spongey, low pedal and a slight pulsation when coming to a stop. The front rotors were cut, but it didn't seem to help much. I purchased the AV on 10-31-01 and have about 15,000 miles on it. The problems started at about 13,000 miles.
Welcome to the club....It may be better if you were to add your experiences to the existing topics ... this makes research easier for members.....

Hopefully your dealer will make your AVY right again....
Welcome to the club, Jyank.

You will find an enormous amount of info here. Learn it, use it. Sometimes it's the only way to plow through the service dept. BS.