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Well here is a white/ebony 07


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May 18, 2005
Been raining for days but here it is....
2007 4.10s, Side Air bags, 1LT
American Racing Torque Thrust ST Anthracite 18x8.5 (they dont make these anymore...only 20x8.5)

I was really worried about the fake wood dash inserts...with the ebony dash I think I can live with it.? If you look close you will notice there are no rear mudflaps...GM packaging put two drivers side in the same box...new ones wont be here until next week.


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Good looking truck, if i'm right in the middle of your picture posting, i'll delete this but, i'd like to see more pics of the interior.
DaytonaZ71 said:
Good looking truck, if i'm right in the middle of your picture posting, i'll delete this but, i'd like to see more pics of the interior.

Here is an interior pic...this does not do it justice...only way I can get a decent pic is with the flash on...and it lightens up the wood trim too much.? The wood is really much darker.? You need to see and ebony interier in person.? Keep in mind I had a deal worked out to swap in the LS/Z71 brushed aluminum...now Im keeping it the way it is.

Also after having driven it for a weekend I can tell you a few things about the 07...and this may be nitpicking but its what I noticed first from my 04.

There are no little cubby holes or "ashtrays" to put loose change in.? There is some little useless slot at the bottom of the center console between the power ports...but its worthless.? This is really a pain in the butt.

Second there is less room in the back.? The rear seats are moved forward slightly.? Less room to get your feet in past the B pillar.? Its still ok but a noticeable difference.

THe steering has a little less boost...little tighter...take it for what its worth.? Im used to the old so I like it better.

Also I got rid of the automatic climate control..I never used auto so I hated the fan speed "button"...just difficult to use...the 07 has ergonomic controls with the manual dual climate control...big improvement.

Finally the standard radio is not quite as crisp at low volume as the standard one in my 04 LS.? At the higher db you cant tell a difference.? Im sure the Bose sounds good.

I'll keep you guys posted on other differences...but overall it rides much nicer.


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Wow, that exterior looks vaguely familiar.  I just can't seem to place where I've seen it before ........

Great lookin' truck!

Congrats on the '07! Looks nice, see you already have been bitten by the Mod Bug!  Thanks for posting pics of your new addition!  :cool:
Great great great looking wheels....I have the '07 Graystone LTZ myself and I have been looking for a nice set of wheels for it. I currently have the stock 20", but might be off'ing those.

My question to you is that the top of your center console is different from mine...I dont have any cupholders on mine.

Anyone know anything about that?
40/20/40 seat.

thanks for all the compliments folks.  i can say im very happy with it.  it rides and handles much better than my 04 and its much quieter inside..too good for a chevy almost:)

American Racing makes those wheels in 20inch only now...I paid $190/wheel from Summit Racing a few years back for mine.