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Wet Window


SM 2003
Full Member
Sep 1, 2002
Central New Jersey
There seems to be water collecting in the driver's side door. A couple days after rain or a car wash, if I open and close my window, it comes up all streaky wet.

Anyone else have this issue? Should I worry about this?

A.J. said:
There Anyone else have this issue? ?Should I worry about this?
Happens to me on all doors, to various degrees. I think it's just a matter of the outside weatherstipping at the base of the window being wet and smearing the door.

I'm not worried. Should I be?

-- SS
It happens to me on all windows on all cars that I own. I just got into the habit of leaving the windows closed overnight to let the weatherstrip dry.
It only takes a few minutes to take off the inside door panel, then look and see if there's water collecting at the bottom of the door. Check the audio fourms for door panel removal instructions.
A.J. said:
Yea, but as I said, this happens to me days after the truck has been wet.... ? ?:mad:
Yes, that's different. Mines takes just about a day or so to fully dry out.

But if it were water collecting in the door, it would collect at the bottom. That would mean that you would have to lower the window all the way before it would get wet, and even then, just the lower portion would be wet.

In my case, I can lower it just an inch, raise it, and only the bottom inch that passed by the weatherstrip will be wet. I'll net your's is the same way. Test it.

-- SS