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What do I need to lower the rearend


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Jul 7, 2004
How Can I level this bad boy out....i need to lower the rear end of my 07....what do i need?
Might want to check with stylinconcepts.com. I talked to them last week about this very thing, and they have some coil springs that will lower the 07 AV they said were not listed on their website yet. They gave me a price of 164, 167 bucks, something like that. I don't remember exactly. Seems like the product number was cr2007, or that's what the guy I spoke with gave me. I'll double check when I get home. Hope that helps.
Yeah that's what I wrote down. CR2007. Call them and talk to them if you're interested. I may go that route myself.
that part is a DJM #, bell tech has it also. I think eibach has come out also.  I got the DJM. Loving it!!
Good to hear, kwmj. I'm getting mine one in the next week or so and can't wait. Was going to be this week until I found out today my schedule changed for the rest of the week.  :E: