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What GND Looks Like


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May 28, 2002
La Vernia, TX
There has been lots of post about GND (ground Effects Package) well I was looking on Chevy.com and in the Avalanche Enews they have a picture of the GND here is the air dam


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also with the GND you get the mud flapps.. I sure you all have seen the mud flapps but here is a pic any way


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Here is a pic of a 2003 Avalanche Z66 in Victory Red with the GND (look closly)


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I was kind of expecting... a uhh.... little more... to this package. What's the suggested retail price for it?

I don't know after market but from the factory it is a $190.00 option for just the air dam and mud flaps :rolleyes:
david ... i think that might actually block some of your glow ;)
TexAVfan said:
I will be buying the air dam piece. ?;)

Does it come in '02 cladding color or is the darker one fine for you?
One word: Subtle.

I wonder if that small of an air dam makes much difference? It looks small enough, and tucked back far enough, that it shouldn't make much of a difference for the entry angle. Still, might lower ground clearance just a hair to make it catch more rocks while off road.

I'm already planning on getting the mud flaps, I might just look into adding the air dam... (If it comes in '02 grey)

-- SS
This looks like an option for the 2wd AVs. I don't think that they would last very long off road. >:D >:D >:D

Does it improve your gass mileage? Is the air dam just for looks?

I hear that the mud flaps keep the slash down. They need to be alot more flexible to keep from getting ripped off while off roading. - IMHO :)

You are right about the mud flaps I cracked one while off-roading that is why I took the other 3 off of my AV.
$190 for mud flaps and an air dam....makes me think would I just rather hang out for a little while longer and wait for some more options... :B:
Aren't those IDENTICAL to the ones that were installed on the Concept AV?

Looks like GM had them left-over... Ha Ha

Hey guys, we have some extra plastic over there in R&D, lets call up aftermarket and see if they can sell it...

Kind of my thinking. When I first say "Ground Effects" for the AV, I was excited, but when I say what was shown, it's not much of a Ground Effects packeage. I already have the mud flaps and I don't see any significante improvement with the additional of a mini-front air dam. Not knocking those who want it, but GM could had done much better and the general would have AV owners willing to pay even more for a really significant Ground Effects Package.

Roy in Tampa :cautious:
Nope - just a bunch stuff to tear off when you go off-roading. >:D
Pretty spendy plastic bits. Chief is right. The package looks like "first blood" during any off-roading.
Would be fine on my AV >:D But then I do not see 190 worth of Ground Effects, all I really saw was those (|) ugly mud flaps :9:

I have a feeling those would be torn off my truck after the first day of hunting season. First time off-road....money down the drain!!!!!