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What Is A Good Price At The Moment?



I wanted to start a new topic asking everyone what kind of a deal he or she got on his or her AV's. ?I think it's interesting that two people can buy the exact same car at the same time while paying thousands more or less. ?Maybe we can help future Av owners with some buying tips.

In October I was looking for a fully loaded blue 2500, my first new car.

I bought my AV at 9:30 pm on Oct 31st. ?A couple weeks before I got a quote from Dave Smith Motors in Kellogg Idaho for $34,700 without taxes, I guess they sale 2000 vehicles each month so the automakers give them a price that is a lot lower then invoice for most other dealerships. ?Just call up and talk with one of their salesman and they will fax you a quote that you can take around to each dealership. ?After insisting that each dealership match that quote from Dave Smith I narrowed it down to two dealerships here in Salt Lake City. ?The first had a red 2500 AV and the second had a blue 2500 AV. ?I had both dealerships trying to get my business, it was a good situation. ?I ended up buying the blue AV when he offered me $6,000 off of the $39,000 sticker, a free 100,000-mile warranty, and 0% financing. ?There wasn't any trade. ?I think that I got a pretty good deal, here is what I learned:

1. Learn everything about the car that you can, salesmen usually have no idea of what they are talking about.

1. Always buy your car at the last minute on the last day of a terrible sales month, they will accept just about anything then. ?

2. If you are in the West get a quote from Dave Smith Motors as a starting point, after taxes and registration it usually saves you about $4,000 below MSRP. ?They sale everything domestic except for Ford's. ?Think about possibly flying into Spokane to drive your car home. ?They have a shuttle to the dealership.

3. Talk with multiple salesmen at each dealership to see who is in touch with reality.

4. If you are replacing your current car make sure you take the time to sale it on your own or if you do trade it in settle on the price of the new car first before you even mention that you want to trade your car in. ?They will try to raise the sale price or they will lower the trade in value to try to make a profit.

5. Remember to not feel bad about playing hard ball, there are plenty of people that help the dealerships make money when they waste thousands just paying the sticker price.

Good luck! :B:

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Most of the dealerships in the Atlanta area (if you talk to their "internet manager") are quoting dealer invoice - $2,002 rebate. I personally happened up on a used, fully loaded Northface that someone had added duals, bug-guard, vent-visors and windows-tinting to with 4,000 miles. I caught the dealership on the last day of the month and ended up getting it for $29,000 even. I really wanted a Z-71 but couldn't pass up the deal!
I also did pretty good but that's because I was eligible for the GMS discount (GM Supplier Discount). ?I leased mine in Feb even though I still had 2 months on my Expedition lease as the deal was too good. GMS discount was $4575 + $2002 cash back + &750 GMAC loyalty. Sticker was $38075. The dealer had their best price of something like $37k so this got me near $30k flat for a loaded Z71. I put another $2k down so my final price was $28975 or something right around that number. I wish I would have purchased this bad-boy, but I will hope all the refinements and other tweaks are in by 2005. I will probably purchase that Av!

3yr/36k mile lease = $525/mo

Purchased October 2001

1500 Z71 Loaded to the gills
17 Inch Wheels, Butt warmers, Assist Steps, 4.10 gears, Roof Rack, Sun Roof, Convenience Package. Onstar

32,900 with taxes + $6,000 Down at 4.2% interest ?= $586/month.

General Motors Supplier Discount Plan was used.
Check it out at
jamie said:
I also did pretty good but that's because I was eligible for the GMS discount (GM Supplier Discount). ?

Hey jstrick, Thank god for the GM Supplier discount. Too bad we couldn't get the GMS (2% below GM cost instead of 4% above). Before I told the salesman I qualifed for GMSP he would not go anything lower than $37,995 before taxes. You should have seen his faces when I came in to sign the contract with my GMSP papers. Ooops there goes his commision. I ended up getting it for about $29,500. Do the math. Thats an alomst $8,000 dollar discount!!!! Yabba Dabba Dooooo. ?>:D
powersurg - you got that right!

I went for their best price guarantee before talking GMS. Only saved me an extra $1k but that made at least a $30/mo difference.

I only hope that I have the GMS discount next time. I make pretty good coin doing web/java development but not enough with my other bills where I could just finance the Av without that much off the top.

z-71 cloth, soft cover, flowmasters installed, stainless tips, kn filter, lund bug gard 27,400. Now I wish I had gotten the hard cover... No luck in getting the dealr to install. does anyone know of a decent aftermarket hard cover??
Z71 full leather everything but steps, roof rack and sunroof. MSRP of $36,993. My price with GMS discount $31,300, Wheeled & Dealed for another $1300 off to total $30,000 and then the $2002 discount. For a grand total of $27,998 + TAX $8995 off MSRP ;D
I had been leasing a 2000 LT Blazer 4dr for $404 month 15Kyr@3yrs. I had 6 months left on my lease but was getting antsy for the AV. Looked at a loaded Ram 1500 and was ready to lease when I said " I need to check with my Chevy salesman who I have been dealing with on my last 4 cars". Went down to Chevy and got a 2002 Indigo Blue Z66 Loaded! All leather, heated seats,Sunroof, roof rack the works! It was the last day of the month.......I got the 2002 discount + my chevy loyalty + they ate the balance of my Blazer lease. My lease terms were 4yrs @ 15K a year. $444 a month out the door inc tax. Thats only 10 bux a week more than my Blazer was to drive this incredible Assault Vehicle!
Im a happy camper! :D
So far I have installed XM Sat radio but must keep the mods to a min. because it's leased. I did order the Window and Tailgate stickers from Stripman though! I though a little blue neon inside the cab would look cool as well. Has anyone done this?
I hope to buy the next one if I like the way this performs. The Blazer was a great SUV as well (I had leased 2 of them back to back)
I purchased a fully-loaded Avalanche 1500 Z71. (Including power heated leather seats, roof rack, and sunroof.) The MSRP is $50,660 CAD. (Approximately $32,300 USD.) I brought dad along and the final price we worked them down to was $43,500 CAD, or approximately $27,500 USD. Another dealership offered us another $500 - $1,000 off, but the original dealership has been very good to us, including service department work done on my Lumina, free of charge. (Over 12 hours of labour once.) My tip would be to bring dad along. :)
So when I buy my AV, can I borrow your Dad to go to the dealership? :D
It depends where you live. :) Dad seems to love haggling. He once went to the Sony Store and got them to bring the price down on a camcorder from $2,500 to $1,250. It took nearly two hours. Then he told them, "Maybe some other time." and walked out.. hehe. It's just the way he is.
Wow, I didn't get nearly that deal :-[
My MSRP was $49890, and I ended up paying $46400. But in my defense, I was looking at Avy's for a long time and was tired of salesman. It fit in my budget, and I got more on my tradein than I thought I would. When the numbers came up, I just signed.

Looking back, maybe a little more haggling wouldn't have hurt.....

I?m not volunteering my time, but I?ve negotiated the purchase of two Avalanches in the past 6 months. ?I helped my 21 year old son with the negotiation of his SOM Z71 last December. ?I bought my Black 2500 at the end of March. ?We both wanted the 0% interest rate. ?We got respectable deals, but since we each traded a vehicle in, a big part of the question involves what was the market value of our trades. ?We are both happy, but I know he was glad to have Dad there at the time. ?Threatening to leave or even walking out can?t hurt. ?They want to make a sale and they have more gimmicks than you can shake a stick at to manipulate the true value of their vechicle or low-ball your trade. ?Taking someone with experience is always a good idea. I actually walked out on the negotiaion of a SOM 2500 last October. It was easy because I wasn't looking for Orange. Also, bradyb had several good suggestions in the first post of this thread. You gotta know what every option is worth. :B:
I bought mine on 1/20/02. Only opotions that were a added charge were the Z-71 off-road package and the assist steps.
sticker price was 35.195.00
less dealer discount 4,192.00
less GM rebate 2,002.00
less GM card earnings 1.101.00
total 27,900.00
I thought it was a pretty good deal. There's no getting something for nothing.
Spec66 there is a soft tonneau to hard tonneau conversion package available through your local dealer. Negotiate with them using gmpartsdirect.com as leverage. You should be able to get the kit for around 1000-1200, list is almost 1500. For more information do a search for tonneau in the accessories section. I have done this mod and it was fairly easy. As for mine, got it for 27,000 bought it used with 1200 miles on it.
I bought my Z71 in November. I paid $500 over invoice. I was not told of any additional rebate. Was there one ? If so can I still get it ?

I did get the 4.9 % financing for 5 years. I thought at the time that I could get $2002 rebate OR The financing deal but not both.
I am in Southern California and it was the end of November

Anyone ?
I got my AV for $10,100 off of dealer sticker and $8600 below MSRP. That discount included the $2002 GM Rebate. It was the only Z-71 I could find in Central Oregon with a sun-roof and full leather. I got everything I wanted. MSRP: $38,576. I paid: $29,980. There is no sales tax here in Oregon. ;D

I was extremely happy....

For 4 days...

:eek: Then, I saw an ad for AVs at Town and Country in Portland, OR. They have 6 AVs (all Z/71's) for :eek: $9000 :eek: off MSRP in the ad... NO negotiation necessary! So, if I'd driven 120 miles, I coulda saved $400 and alot of negotiation. Well, my local dealership has a good reputation for service so I guess it was worth the diff...

Overall, I'm happy with the deal. :love:
We bought our black AV2500 from my local ImpalaSS club sponsor Bud Wolf Chevrolet in Indianapolis. I started the deal by walking into the dealer and telling them what I was looking for and what I was willing to pay for it. To my surprise they pointed me to the back lot where our fully loaded 2500 was sitting with only 7 miles on the clock and about a $39,000 sticker price. When it was all said and done I walked away with the 5.9 financing, $2002.00 rebate and another $7,000.00 off the sticker ($500.00 over invoice). I could have saved another $500.00 that same day if I wanted to get into a victory red 2500 at another dealer but... I opted to give our club sponsor the business....

Since then (March 2002) we have put 4300 trouble free miles on the AV and have had nothing but great praises for the way our dealer has been with us.
I traded in a 2001 Chevy Silverado Z-71 5.3L
w/24,000+ mi on it. Kelly Blue Book said it was worth somewhere around $23,000. I only owed a little under $10K on it and it was less than a year old at trade in.

Sticker on my 1500 Av Z-71 w/ Tan Leather all over, heated seats, power everything, OnStar, Roof Rack, Side Steps (Rails) that match... $38,XXX

At the end of the deal I owed at total of about $21,000. This includes taxes, title and what I owed on my Silverado.

SO if my brain calculator serves me well, that comes out to about $33,000 for a sticker of $38,000. I feel I did alright.

The big help is that I had two dealers (Only 2 in town) competing for my business. Pissed one guy off when I shared his numbers, but that's business.

I refinanced the $21,000 in October at 6.4% and pay about $400 a month. Bottom line...$10,000 over my trade in value of $23,000.

Curious what my Av is worth now.
WOW, Brado!

That REALLY says something about the AV! :love:

The fact that you would trade such a similar truck on the AV! Smart move!
Avynut, yeah, I love the Avalanche. I've been watching for a vehicle like this from Chevy since they introduced a very little talked about s-10 concept called the Highlander. I think it was the first design with a midgate. That was back in 1992 or something. Of course it was never produced.

My Silverado had an extended cab which was great, but I found that I was hauling people(not very comfortable) more than cargo, so the Av made perfect sense. Seats 5 comfortably and if I need to haul cargo...drop the gate. :) And did I mention it's great for Tailgate parties?!? beer coolers standard.. :cool:
Yeah, Brado, I hear 'ya!

If it weren't for the AV, I wouldn't be driving a pick-up truck... Well... It's not REALLY a pick-up...

I visited all the Dealers and just sat in the back seat of the full sized pickups. The Tundra was a f:8:ing joke, the Chevy was bad, and the Ram was still cramped.

The AV salesman was somewhat puzzled for the FIRST thing I did was sit in the back seat and GRIN >:D .
:)I bought my AV used with 14,000 miles on it. Seems the guy that had it before figured out the difference in depreciation versus 0% financing and turned around and bought the exact same AV again at 0%. I got a loaded Z-71 for 27,500. Even as much as I love my AV, I love getting a good deal even better!!!! :D :D