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What Is Advantage Over AV To 1500HD



I know there is the obvious, but what else is there?

Michael ???
The Av's ride quality. ? (y)

Looks...if you're one who like the Av's looks.

Uniqueness... For every one Avalanche you see out there, there are at least 100 Silverados...although the HD would be unique for a while.

If you would fill the bed of the HD on a regular basis then I would say the HD has the advantage, unless of course you would lower the midgate in the Av but then you lose 3 seats.

Of course all of this is just my opinion, you have to do what is best for you. ?Good luck on the decision.

Like NH_Mark said, ride quality. There's a big difference between driving a pickup truck with a separate bed and driving a Suburban or an Avalanche (Av is based on Suburban chassis). If you're not used to driving a truck you need to spend some time test driving one to make sure you'll be happy with it. Trucks aren't bad but they are different. :eek:

The rest of the differences are obvious. If you need a big box out back then a long bed truck will do you right.

If you need help with this decision then my guess is you don't really need a truck. And if you don't then the answer is easy - don't get one if you don't need one. Get the Av. :cool:
coil's to leaf springs my boy.......in terms of the 5.3's... :B:
Yup, I drove a couple different BIG GM vehicles, and you can't beat the independent coil suspension on our Av's.

Of course the midgate system is an advantage.
The cladding serves as a body protectant, and makes it the Av a lot easier to wash.
And with all 4 windows down, suroof open, midgate down & window out, it's like driving a convertible truck :cool:
NJAV said:
coil's to leaf springs my boy.......in terms of the 5.3's... :B:
The base engine in the 1500HD is the 6L. It is not available with a 5.3L.
Dohhhh...I think what I meant was the 5.3L Av don't have the leaf's.....uhh..I think... ;D

(note to self...when up throughout the night..stay away from to much caffeine..) :B:
I was wrestling with this same decision....

For me, the longer wheel base of the HD was not as appealing.

You need to find out if you are:
1) More likely to haul people, and the occasional 'large' item


2) More likely to haul stuff (enough to justify HD), and people as a secondary mission...

3) The Av is so much cooler!!! :love:
There are many trucks on the road, few are so fortunate to grow up to be SuperSUT!

gandolphxx said:
And therein lies the rub - but you could get an EXT
The Caddy 6L isn't quite the same engine. It puts out more horses, but also requires premium petrol. The big bummer with the Caddy though is that it is coupled with full-time four wheel drive :D:
After stepping out of a loaded 02 GMC 1500HD 4x4 Crew Cab Short bed, one of the things I really liked about the Av was the attention to detail. They really did a step forward in the Av compared to the pickups! The price was identical, yet Av was noticeably better.

Things I really noticed: :eek:

Real dirt holding floor mats! The pickups were terrible.
Embroidered emblems on the leather seat. Nice.
A composite/Pro-Tec tailgate. $800 option on my truck.
Standard bedliner! $200 option on my truck.
Side impacts airbags. Not available on trucks.
Sunroof. Again, not available on trucks.
Protective Cladding. Unavailable on the trucks.
Articulating headrests. Don't believe were offered.
Built in toolboxes. Again, not offered.
Self draining bed. My truck always filled with water.
Tonneau cover. Not available as truck factory option.
Locking tailgate. Not available in the trucks.
2 ft. shorter wheelbase/length. More maneuverable!
Midgate! We won't even go there...

Things I miss? One.

My cassette deck player.

All in all I felt the Av was a much better deal $ wise. It was a no-brainer. A custom pickup at a standard price! Hope this helps!
If the extra bed space is not needed, then you MUST look at the length of the truck, and maneuverability of the rig. Go test drive both, try to park in a supermarket parking lot. (see how many times you have to back up and straighten out to get in your spot with the HD. Also, depending on if you own or rent, if you rent, I"ll bet you the 1500 HD won't fit in the garage. My Silverado Ext Cab has about 3 inches, and the HD is about a foot longer.
Tiger . . .

You can add the cassette deck to the Av's console for about $160 (or cheaper from e-Bay). Jackalanche and others have done it . . . the only reason that I've not is that I have the bench seats - no console :(

Then you'd have ZERO complaints about the Av!
I also test rode a 1500HD. Price wise the HD was about 3K less than the AV, similarily equiped, i.e. LT w/onstar, leather, etc., AV w/o sunroof but w/leather, onstar etc. Basically a top of the line HD compared to an AV without a few of the options. Late last fall the deal was better because you could get an additional 2k more off on a 2001 HD but no discount on the 2002 AV.

The HD has a 3000 lb payload, the AV only 1300-1400 lb. If you have 4 adults you have maybe 700 lb in people, add 400 lb luggage and you only have 200-300 lb left. If you need to haul a lot you need a 2500 AV making the price differential greater.

The HD is longer, with an even longer wheelbase. The short bed PUs tow much better than the longer overhang of an AV or surbuban. The AV as well as Suburban will have a greater tendency to move sideways as well as up and down due to the longer overhang. The extra long wheelbase and shorter overhang of the HD should make for a real nice tow vehicle. The AV is overweight at 5700 or so lbs, the HD probably weighs in around 5000 lb and at the same time has a bigger engine. I imagine that the 1500 HD can to the same or more than the 2500 AV.

On the positive side for the AV is that since its payload is lower the ride is much better. The front of the HD is very firm and the rear is downright stiff, bouncing up a lot. The HD also does not have the midgate. The AV fits in most garages (I can fit a crew cab long bed dually in my garage so length wasn't an issue). The shorter wheelbase of the AV also makes parking lots easier. Where I live I have farm fields around the subdivision and the parking lots are made for trucks, the length wasn't an issue. My wife gave me the ok for the AV, no ok for the HD. Decision made.
For the kind of hauling I do, the Av is perfect. Most of the time I am loading and unloading boxes (usally 12" cube). With the back seat down, I can load a lot of boxes in the rear area. Getting them in and out is a cinch with access from both back doors. If I had to load a bunch of boxes in the bed, getting them out would be a pain. I would have to get up into the bed to move them to a spot where they could be reached from ground level.
Also, I can haul rain or shine with the Av.
For those times when I need the 8' bed, it's always available.
As stated in some of the other posts, I believe we get the best of both worlds. A short wheelbase truck (130" ?), a comfortable and full size interior for 5/6, and/or an 8' bed when needed.
Ron said:
If I had to load a bunch of boxes in the bed, getting them out would be a pain. ?I would have to get up into the bed to move them to a spot where they could be reached from ground level.
Sounds like you could use a BedSlide. You could conveniently haul a whole lotta little boxes with that. Do a search, it's been discussed to death around here.

-- SS

Don't forget that a 1500HD has a limited production run. ?They are more difficult to find and the dealers want you to pay more for them. ?Paying True Market Value was a possibility on the 2500HD pickups or any of the Avs. ?Not so on a 1500HD pickup (trust me, I tried). ?Between the 2 separate times I had to go shopping (my first 1500HD got totalled), I visited no less than 10 dealers. ?I also shopped online in 4 different states. ?To make a long story short, I paid less for my 2500 Avalanche than I did for my 1500HD pickup. ? :eek: ?Of course, I am comparing loaded 2002's because I've owned one of each. ?I also found no price differential on a loaded 2500 Av and a comparable 1500. ?My MSRP on my 2500 was less than TNF 1500's and nearly identical to many Z71's. ?I found the ability to negotiate a deal was better on everything BUT a 1500HD pickup. ?Point being...if you really haul a bunch, get a 2500 Av, but don't expect to pay more for it than you would a 1500HD pickup. ?I didn't. :love:

2002 Chevy Trucks Trailering guide (4x4 Crew Cabs):

? ? ? Max trailer Wt. ?Axle Ratio ?GVWR ?(Payload) ?GCWR ?

1500HD ? 8,300 ? ? ? ? ? ?3.73 ? ? ? ?8,600 ?(2847) ?14,000 ?
(6.0L) ? ? ?10,000 ? ? ? ? ? 4.10 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?16,000

2500HD ? 9,800 ? ? ? ? ? ?4.10 ? ? ? ?9,200 (3,303) ?14,000

1500Av ? ?7,100 ? ? ? ? ? ?3.73 ? ? ? ?7,000 ? (1322) ? ?13,000
(5.3L) ? ? ?8,100 ? ? ? ? ? ? 4.10 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?14,000

2500Av ? 10,100 ? ? ? ? ? 3.73 ? ? ? ? 8,600 ? (195:cool: ? 17,000
(8.1L) ? ? ?12,000 ? ? ? ? ? 4.10 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?19,000

"Just the facts Mam."
The payload on the 2500 Av should be 1958 lbs. For some reason it wants to be cool instead! Also GM prints the numbers for "base models" which weigh less typically.

So remember, an Av weighs more than a comparable pickup off the lot, and that's why the payload is lower by approximately that same amount. Also realize that when you add a bedliner, toolbox, and a cooler to a pickup (I always do) it's payload will also drop accordingly. Apples to apples. Good luck.

Interesting comparison though, don't you think? ;D